Wealthy Company Scorecard™

This survey is designed to help you discover areas where your company excels at marketing and growth planning, prescription and areas where you are struggling. Excellence across each of the categories is essential to understanding how prepared you are to take your business to the next level and build a sustainable, wealthy company.

The survey will also help you determine where you need to pay the most attention to improve performance. Score yourself as objectively as possible in each of these categories. If you would like help interpreting the results, contact us to arrange a confidential, 30 minute advisory call.

Score your firm from 0 to 5 (with 5 being the highest score) for each statement below.


  1. Building Blocks: I am clear on the vision, core values, and top priorities of our company.

  2. Document plans: We have documented the vision, core values, and top goals in our company.

  3. Measurement: We have established methods (formal and informal) for assessing how well our teams can communicate our vision, core values, and top priorities.

  4. Focus: I consistently stay focused on our top priorities, and avoid getting distracted.

  5. Accountability: As a leader, I have documented our top priorities, and consistently track how we are doing against those priorities.

  6. Community Focus: Our company commits to business and community endeavors that educate and inspire others.

  7. Balance: We provide stakeholders, investors, and employees enough time for family, friends, and personal growth.

  8. Sustainability: We promote and fund business endeavors that honor and respect the natural environment.

Purpose: Sub Total - A high score (above 30) indicates that your growth plan is grounded in a strong sense of purpose. You take a holistic view on growth planning that goes way beyond "making lots of money." Your people are most likely as excited about your mission as you are. A low score in this area (below 30) indicates that you are not communicating clearly about your company’s true purpose and priorities. Your employees may feel disconnected from the company goals, or you may be struggling to attract and retain highly productive, passionate employees.


  9. Target/Problem: We know who our ideal clients are, where they are and what problems, issues and challenges they are facing.

10. Ultimate Outcome: We have a clearly articulated outcome statement for our company that tells what our clients get when they work with us.

11. Value: We have documented a number of client-centered benefits that our clients receive when they use our products and services, and that answer the question, "What's in it for me?"

12. Uniqueness: We know what differentiates our brand (the unique value we bring to our clients) from our competitors.

13. Proof: We have a number of written client success stories to prove that we are able to deliver the outcomes and value that we promise.

14. Personal alignment: I understand my role in delivering our brand value to our clients.

15. Team alignment: As an organization, we are unified and clear on our brand value and the experience we want to deliver our clients.

16. Proactive: We keep up with the times and the changing needs of our clients, and provide ongoing solutions to those needs.

17. Quality: We deliver a superior experience over any of our competitors.

18. Brand touch points: We focus on small everyday details that comprise the “signatures” of our brand (e.g., voicemail recordings, marketing materials, work settings, dress code, social behaviors).

19. Communication: We consistently communicate the value of our brand through our locations, our people and our marketing (articles, web site, advertising, community events, social networks, public relations, etc.)

Positioning Sub Total - A high score in this area (above 45) indicates that you have a well-documented, updated understanding of your market position, and have communicated this effectively to the marketplace. Your teams are clear on what makes you unique, and the emotional reasons your clients buy from you. A low score in this area (below 45) indicates that you are not communicating clearly about your company’s unique identity and market position. People are likely not showing interest in your company when you talk about what you do. You may also be under-charging for your offerings and allowing less than ideal clients to consume your time.


20. Online: We have a professionally designed, content-rich web site that provides detailed information on our services and includes plenty of valuable free information such as articles, surveys, and reports.

21. Clients’ Issues: We have information on our web site that clearly outlines the problems, issues and challenges our clients are dealing with. We demonstrate that we understand who our clients are and what they want to accomplish.

22. Services: Our services are clearly presented on our web site. It's no mystery what clients get, how we work or what our approach is to solving clients’ problems.

23. Proposals: We have a well-defined pricing strategy and proposal outline that explains what our clients get from us, not a description of our processes and formal education.

24. Pricing: Our current prices are neither too high nor too low, but an accurate reflection of the value we deliver to our clients.

25. Business Presentation: Everything about our business, including our professional demeanor, company presentation, and marketing materials are presented in a way that truly represents who we are.

Packaging Sub Total - A high score in this area (above 24) tells us that you are an excellent communicator. You regularly upgrade your marketing materials and presentations. You also take a client-focused approach to your messaging across all touch points and are confident about how you present your company. You probably experience shorter sales cycles than your competitors and a steady stream of opportunities. With a low score in this area (below 24), you may have gotten initial attention, but now interest is dropping off. People are not really clear about what you can do for them and why your services are a solution to their problems. It is likely that your sales cycles are long and painful. Prospects may be using your free information to find alternative solutions. There are more questions than answers.


26. Relationship: Through all our promotional vehicles people get a sense of who we are, what we stand for, and what our services are really about.

27. Referral Systems: We have several ways to actively generate referrals from existing clients. Referrals are one of our strongest sources of new clients.

28. Visibility Systems: We stay visible to our target market and expand our credibility through our networking, public relations, and other marketing activities.

29. Expertise: We communicate our expertise to our target market through speaking to groups, contributing to social media sites and communities, blogging, or writing/publishing.

30. Consistency: We consistently attract enough of the right clients and we promote each others' services and products. We enjoy working together.

31. Keep-In-Touch Systems: We send information to clients and prospects on a regular basis through a newsletter, blog, webinars, or mailings.

Promotion Sub Total - With a high score, (above 24), your marketing strategies are effective and consistent. You are viewed as an industry thought leader, and are valued for your wisdom. With a low score in this area (below 24), you simply don't have enough visibility and credibility to make much of an impact. You may feel allergic to marketing. Essentially you are an unknown quantity and you haven't built enough trust for people to respond to you.

Personal Effectiveness

32. Focus: Whenever I speak to someone about our services and their needs, I am totally focused on what I can do for them - how I can help.

33. Needs: I am skilled at building rapport by learning the past and present situation of our prospects through a series of thoughtful questions.

34. Objectives: I am skilled at enrolling clients to use our services by discovering what future objectives are the most important to them.

35. Presentation: I have a well-structured presentation designed to show our prospects about exactly how we can meet their objectives, and how our vision and values align with theirs.

36. Recommendation: I am successful in asking for the business. I know what to say and do to win a prospect's commitment to our services.

37. Follow through: Our firm is effective at completing tasks and engaging others in our company's goals; they help us achieve our vision.

38. Consistency: We personally strive to exceed expectations – and delight our clients – every time.

39. Decisiveness: As a leader, I am very effective at addressing issues when they arise, especially if they may negatively affect our brand or reputation.

40. Energy level: I have a great time doing my work, and feel motivated and excited to serve others in my communities. I know how to manage limiting beliefs when they arise.

41. Discernment. We know how to say “no” to the good, and “yes” to the great opportunities.

42. Confidence: Overall, I feel prepared to grow my company to the next level.

Personal Effectiveness Sub Total - With a high score (above 45 points), you have discovered the holy grail of balance. Congratulations! This is a priceless life skill. You are also an influential leader who can engage others in your vision. With a low score in this area (below 45), you are having real problems getting others enrolled in your vision, including prospective clients. Too many people ignore your ideas, or delay buying your services. Your follow-up is currently ineffective at moving people to take action. You may also have too many commitments on your plate.


43. Communication: We understand that the key to successful client engagements is clear communication. I work constantly at improving this skill.

44. Promises: We make clear, unambiguous promises for what we will deliver and what results clients can expect when we work together. We keep our word.

45. Requests: We make crystal-clear requests of our clients so they know our joint responsibilities during an engagement. They understand that we are partners.

46. Client focused: Our strategic plan includes client-focused goals, not just growing our profits and organization every year.

47. Extra Mile: We do everything in our power to deliver service that consistently exceeds clients' expectations.

48. Personal performance plans: Everyone on the team understands how their jobs tie directly to the company’s vision and core values. Their personal performance plans are documented and reflect this.

49. Consistency: We stay motivated and true to our personal vision of our business. We get the things done not only for our clients but for ourselves to make our business successful.

Performance Sub Total - A high score in this area (above 30) indicates that you are continuously improving your marketing and delivery systems, and are a master of communication. You are authentic and it shows in front of your clients. They are your biggest fans and evangelists. With a low score in this area (below 30), you are not getting much repeat or referral business, and you probably lack a cogent online marketing strategy. You need to realize that performance is just as much about executing against an easy to understand plan as all the other areas above.

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Get five bonus gifts when you subscribe to EnergizeNews, our free newsletter that will help you
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Get five bonus gifts when you subscribe to EnergizeNews, our free newsletter that will help you
be a more effective strategic leader and marketer.

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