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People Who Have Achieved Results with EnergizeGrowth®

Energize Growth Now is a book by my close personal friend,  Lisa, and she will help you truly understand growth strategies. I want to highly recommend this book; I even wrote the foreword. That’s how much I believe in it…

Guy Kawasaki


Patrick Rogan

Patrick Rogan, former Chief Talent Officer

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lisa Nirell. She uses her energy and drive to bring underlying issues out into the open. To help illustrate her points, she frequently uses examples from her past successes and failures to provide concrete actionable guidance. Lisa played a key role in our company vision setting process. I look forward to working with Lisa again in the future.

Robert Zeigenfuse

Robert (Bob) Zeigenfuse, Founder and PresidentAvanceon

We recently re-branded our company and expanded abroad. We were having problems with assimilating our strategic goals, values, and mission across the global organization. As executives, we were spending nearly half of our time sorting out customer misunderstandings and internal communications problems, and very little time on planning. As a result, we were missing out on six and seven figure business opportunities. “As we expanded abroad, we used tribal knowledge to communicate our culture. This required way too much micro-management.After working with Lisa and her team, we now announce and track our strategic goals on a quarterly basis, and people pick pieces of those that they’ll help the company do. By linking our strategy and employee development through the Personal Strategic Plan process, we saw a direct impact on the bottom line. Collection time has gone from 75 days down to 45 days, and our CFO was featured in Inc. Magazine for our innovative cash management strategies.

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Patricia Bramhall

Patricia Bramhall, Founder

Before I invested in Lisa’s consulting and multimedia systems, I was experiencing slow and erratic growth. I began working with Lisa to clarify my vision for growing the business and the results have been excellent. Within four months, we closed the gap between our vision for growth and our sales pipeline. Our pipeline of “ideal clients” doubled to $435,000 when we applied the EnergizeGrowth® models. I now schedule time each week to work on my business strategy, marketing plan and family activities.

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Ed Winder

Ed Winder, former Senior Vice President
Worldwide Sales & Business Development
Active Software

We had several opportunities ahead of us at major accounts ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to more than a million. We were unclear as to how our team would win these sales. With Lisa’s guidance, we built a roadmap within a few days that helped us set our sales strategies, understand the political issues in the accounts, and identify the tactics needed to close the sales. Lisa was the catalyst that helped define our 100+% sales growth within our first year.

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Jerry Andres

Jerry Andres, CEO (retired)
Jel-Wen Communities

In light of the changing dynamics within the residential and resort industry sector, we began experiencing unsteady progress towards our five-year “Big Audacious Goal” (BAG) profit target. We needed to take proactive measures that would help us return to more consistent progress towards our BAG. Lisa Nirell conducted surveys and planning sessions with the Executive Council to identify what talent and leadership styles we were lacking. She and the Council discovered a lack of clear understanding of the company’s core values. This was causing some costly communications breakdowns for new employees and managers.This engagement helped us realize that we needed to refine our core values to help the entire organization adopt them. Working with Lisa significantly contributed to strengthening the culture we have created and the “Big Audacious Goal” we have established. This enables us to be the first choice of customers seeking the highest value in real estate and service.

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Lanny Feder

Lanny Feder, President
Protective Intellectual Property Services, LLC

Before I started with Lisa, I was networking everywhere, and describing what my company does (in painful detail) to whoever would listen. However, I wasn’t bringing in the business. When I joined the EnergizeMarketing Group, I finally identified my ideal client so that I can describe it effectively to others. My Power Group was a source for critical reviews as to how others received my message. It wasn’t always the same message I thought I was sending!Lisa is excellent at taking the ideas that I have and adding that little twist that makes it a wow. In the first three months of this year, I have closed business amounting to double my earnings for all of last year. If you’re the owner of a services business and are frustrated with the progress of your company, Lisa can help you relieve your frustrations.

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Mike Davis

Mike Davis, President
TMT Home Remodelers

My company was in need of serious growth. After hearing Lisa speak at a regional conference, I wanted to learn how better to market our company. One of the first things that I learned in the Action Group was that I was the limiting factor to the growth of our business. I learned how to change my way of thinking, how to identify my ideal customer, and how to reach those customers. The quality of people that Lisa attracts to her peer groups really helps get you over any mental hurdles that you may be having in the development of your own marketing plan. Lisa’s company name – EnergizeGrowth® — says it all. If you are a services company that is tired of not getting enough clients and are not sure how to reach them, then you need to call Lisa.

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Drew Child, President
Alpine Internet Solutions, Inc.

Lisa Nirell has excellent communication skills, deep knowledge of strategic planning, the ability to balance multiple stakeholder input (often conflicting), and the ability to develop a winning strategic growth plan. In addition, Lisa understands that what gets measured gets done. She ensured that we identified next steps, roles and responsibilities at the end of each planning meeting. She has the experience, education and attitude to turn a visioning process into a program that you can execute!

John Sundberg

John Sundberg, CEO
Kinetic Data

We recently announced a new company direction and strategy. After we launched the EnergizeGrowth® Profile Program with our leadership team, we uncovered two major roadblocks to our success, which put us at risk of losing market opportunity and creating a lot of wasted effort. The Profile Program not only saved us months of failed energy and effort with our leadership team—it also helped me personally get my priorities back in order in less than two weeks.

Feyzi Fatehi

Feyzi Fatehi, CEO
Corent Technology Inc.

Lisa’s direct style, combined with her 27 years’ hands-on experience and CEO research, sends a strong and vital message on the attributes that clearly separate thriving businesses from the rest. The EnergizeGrowth® systems are a must for those leaders who want to learn new habits and sustain their top performer position.

Mae Lon Dong

Mae Lon Ding, President
Personnel Systems Associates

I enjoyed your ‘Energize Your Marketing’ program. I thought it had very useful content — and not only for people who are new to consulting. As a consultant with over 20 years in business, I found that your program had nuggets that would be useful to others like myself. Thank you for inviting me to participate.

“We had a huge opportunity ahead of us at Microsoft. Our global account teams were spread out across eight different countries. The client was not leveraging the sales training we provided on a global scale, and our revenues reflected that. With Lisa’s mentoring and guidance, we built a global account plan within 60 days. That plan gave us a roadmap for increasing annual sales from US$2M to $11M within two years. Lisa was the catalyst that helped us develop the first global account plan for Microsoft.

Rod Jones, CEO

Strategy To Revenue

“Lisa and her team have been extremely effective with their “Five Strategies to EnergizeGrowth®” programs. As a result of her efforts, we saved at least $30,000 worth of my time. We’re excited to have the EnergizeGrowth® team as our partner.

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Janet Amirault, Managing Partner
Software Consortium Inc.

The guidance of EnergizeGrowth® in this process was fantastic. While we knew our market, Lisa and her team rapidly helped us define the value proposition and brand we wanted to project.

Vice President
Sales and Marketing


Chade Mezera

Chad Mezera,
Director of Online Programs,
West Virginia University Reed College of Media

The WVU Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program was happy to have Lisa speak at our annual INTEGRATE conference. Her presentation, ‘How to Start a Mindful Marketing Revolution,’ was well-received and achieved above-average ratings from attendees. One attendee wrote, “refreshing change to the typical marketing metrics presentation with a nice focus on personal awareness.” We have recommended Lisa to many of our colleagues for future speaking engagements.

Amanda Sanchez

Amanda Sanchez,
PR Manager,
Digital Marketing Adobe

Lisa Nirell was an incredible asset to our Millennial Marketers panel at Adobe Summit – The Digital Marketing Conference. She brought a dynamic approach to leading and moderating our panel discussion that disarmed the participants and energized the audience. From concept to planning to execution, Lisa was a thrill to work with and consistently put her best foot forward in every interaction along the way, resulting in a well-organized and engaging event. Thank you, Lisa, for your professionalism and gracious demeanor!

Tami Siewruk

Tami Siewruk,
Chief Imagination Officer,
MultiFamily Pro

Over the past 25 years, I have brought together thousands of multifamily executives to create breakthrough ideas and thrive during these challenging economic times. Lisa’s keynote and executive sessions on ‘Leading the Mindful Multifamily Revolution’ exceeded our objectives. If your organization wants a pragmatic and balanced approach to understanding and applying the new rules of modern marketing, don’t hesitate to hire Lisa!

Lisa was well-prepared, dynamic, and highly attentive to our audience. She has developed a distinct style and offers transferrable tools for companies looking to take their marketing to the next level.

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Nicole Tarnogursky, Manager of Professional Development Programs
Greater Washington Board of Trade
Board of Trade

Shira Harrington

Shira Harrington, President
Athena Marketing

During the session, Lisa energized the audience in ways that few experts and authors can do. Her session outlined proven strategies that immediately helped our members deepen relationships with internal clients, implement HR initiatives more effectively, and increase their business communications acumen. More importantly, she debunked old beliefs and definitions of marketing – a dynamic function that many HR executives do not fully understand. Lisa’s lively workshop exercises, customized messages and contemporary examples left us wanting more. Our program evaluation from our attendees scored off the charts!

Download the Full Letter (165 KB)

Wendy Lieber, President
Athena Marketing

Lisa was an excellent presenter and engaged the audience with a compelling, relevant presentation and conversation. I know that our audience left with ideas that they could implement immediately into their businesses. What I loved about Lisa is that she had so many real world examples that everyone could relate to. She didn’t try to sugarcoat any of the mistakes she had made in her past but rather openly acknowledged so others could learn from her. Lisa is also genuinely interested in her audience and making sure the presentation is for them… She doesn’t come with a “one size fits all” presentation. She does her homework which I know our audience appreciated.

Download the Full Letter (74 KB)

A. Morris Tooker, Former Senior Vice President

Lisa’s presentation was provocative for us especially at a time for slack demand for most industries. Her concepts resonated with our group and led to some passionate discussion especially around her concepts on internal limiters like the ’Beast’. If you are looking for someone to get your group thinking differently about your strategies, call Lisa.

Mary Morgan

Mary Morgan, BMC Software Executive
Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce

Based on your book “EnergizeGrowth® NOW,” your session proved to be both engaging and insightful. The discussion that you led gave the participants practical steps that they could use immediately to re-focus their efforts on meaningful actions. Your session was one of the highest rated at the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce annual conference. As we make plans for next year’s conference, I know you will be at the top of our list of requested speakers.

Kati Kilpinen

Kati Kilpinen, Helsinki, Finland
FinProfessionals Club at FinPro

Lisa’s webinar provided a G.R.O.W. formula that was easy to remember and execute. She shows you how to stop, reflect where your business is at the moment, and define where you want to go -in writing. Change can start now!

Lisa was our lead growth strategy seminar speaker as part of our Branding, Innovations and Globalization (BIG) research project. Lisa’s innovative strategic growth ideas and ‘Energy Booster Questions’ were highly instrumental in making the seminar a huge success. I warmly recommend Lisa to help you address today’s demanding international business challenges.

Dr. Kristi Lindberg-Repo, Docent, Research Director
Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland
Hanken School of Economics

Stephen Friedman

Stephen Friedman, Senior Vice President
Regents Bank - San Diego, CA

Our bank recently had the opportunity to sponsor an event hosted by Renaissance Executive Forums in which Lisa Nirell was a featured speaker. I found Lisa’s strategic analysis and approach different than many other consultants. The area that intrigued me the most was on developing stronger relationships with clients. What struck me from listening to Lisa was how critical it is to have feedback loops in place to make it easy for our clients to tell us what is on their minds, for better or worse.

Greg Coleman

Greg Coleman, Vice President, Strategic Programs
Service Strategies Corporation

Thank you for presenting at our annual Service Industry Summit event. Our clients found your presentations to be engaging, thought provoking and full of practical information they can use in their businesses. The interactive exercises that you conducted created a buzz in the room and really got people talking. As a result, your session received some of the highest ratings of any presenter.

Kathy Maixner

Kathy Maixner, President
IMC Oregon/SW Washington Chapter

The workshop you recently led for our audience of consultants was super! Rather than my concentrating primarily on hit-or-miss tactics or a variety of random marketing techniques, you made it clear that I needed to concentrate on strategy first, followed by focused, tactical endeavors. Your insights and expertise provided our group with practical ways in which to realize revenue jumps by implementing a strategic marketing plan. Thank you, so much, for making the Institute of Management Consultants’ event such a memorable one!

Jan Paape

Jan Paape, President
Anchor Executive Center - Houston, TX

I have told a number of people how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce conference. I used your Energy Booster Questions and materials with my managers when we met earlier this week. That was just the beginning, as I am going to work on that ‘growth plan.’

I recently heard Lisa Nirell present ‘Four Secrets to Energize Growth in Uncertain Times.’ This topic was particularly timely for me, and gave me good ideas to consider in my organization’s strategic planning process. Her concept of a Vivid Vision is a powerful tool for identifying and building on our organization’s successes. Lisa’s presentation was dynamic, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. She also included practical steps that attendees could take back to the office and implement quickly. I like her brand of energy!

Marilyn LeMoine, Market Communications Director

The Bend Chamber’s Professional Development seminars are designed to provide education opportunities for people who value personal & professional growth. In our year-long series of 22 events, Lisa Nirell’s “Seven Steps to Energize Growth and Attract More Clients” stands out in quality content, organization and presentation. Her preparation in advance helped to create a seamless event. She kept the enthusiasm and involvement of attendees up during the entire presentation. Lisa has raised the bar of these seminars

Lindi DeWolf, VP Programs & Events
Bend Chamber of Commerce

Lisa Nirell spoke to my Vistage CEO group and was very well received. My members especially liked the fresh, practical guidelines for creating a really good elevator speech, quickly! They were also inspired to get their companies in closer contact with their customers, and she gave them a great interview toolkit to help them achieve that. A few member comments included: “She provided a great roadmap that gives me a way to motivate my staff toward change…”, “This is very good content and very relevant to where our company is right now… Lisa had good interaction and changed the agenda as needed…” and “This was an engaged and relevant presentation…great use of the Five Focused Questions…” I highly recommend you invite Lisa to your next meeting.

Lauren Tanny, Group Chair

Dan Duggan

Dan Duggan, Group Chair
ExcellCEO, Portland OR

The peer mentoring group of business owners I lead were generally hazy on their core marketing message and strategic direction. I asked Lisa to come in and help them reach clarity. After her interactive “Five Strategies” presentation, we had one of the best member exchanges on the real issues in years. Boy, were they energized!

Roger Lee

Roger J. Lee, Director
Economic Development for Central Oregon

On behalf of Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO) and the Oregon Entrepreneur’s Forum (OEF), I want to thank you again for being our PubTalk featured speaker. Since that time, we have heard very positive comments about your program! Specifically, the ‘Five Focused Questions’ were particularly valuable as were the real world examples you provided. Your presentation illustrated that asking the right questions is one of the best ways to ‘energize’ a successful enterprise.

Your presentation at our First Friday Breakfast entitled “Five Strategies to EnergizeGrowth®” was outstanding. Your expertise and enthusiasm captivated our members and provided them with tools they could apply immediately to their respective businesses. You had tremendous command of the audience and kept everyone engaged. The program evaluations were excellent and comments included “Great speaker! I wish the program would’ve been longer!” and “Loved it!”

Betsy Bracken
Betsy Bracken, Director of Special Events
Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce

Connie Druliner

Connie Druliner, President
Express Personnel Services - Bend, OR

Lisa, thank you for your program contribution at EDCO’s PubTalk last month. Your highly interactive talk was well received, your enthusiasm contagious, and your professionalism and leadership gifts came through loud and clear.

Robert Scherer

Robert Scherer, President
The Accounting Group, San Diego CA

Lisa’s insight into effective marketing strategies has proved invaluable and has become one of the pillars of our quarterly planning and review sessions. I would highly recommend Lisa’s workshops and multimedia programs to any leader who wants to achieve profitable growth.

Lisa Nirell is not just an excellent presenter who engages her audience. Lisa delivers research and timeless wisdom any executive can immediately apply for improved results and focus. I took away three action items as a result of Lisa’s ‘Five Strategies’ presentation—the most urgent one is our need to focus in on our sales process.

Richard Balzer, President
Intelesys Communications

Lisa Nirell was energizing and completely straightforward about what it takes to take your organization to the next level. Success has to be designed into your growth plan–it doesn’t just come to you! Lisa also created a warm yet stimulating environment for examination of your business through the “Five Focused Questions”. The sold-out audience lingered long after the event – I feel this was a sign of how involved we were in this stimulating discussion with Lisa.

Katherine Riley, Executive Dean for Economic Development
North Seattle Community College

CMO Peer Groups

I have learned so much and I am very appreciative of the networking opportunities and also the knowledge that Lisa brings to us.

Jamie Gorski
CMO, Bozzuto

Awesome experience tonight with Lisa Nirell and her Energize Growth Marketing Leaders in DC … fascinating conversation … happy to be a part.

Wendy Lea
Executive Chairman, Get Satisfaction

Lisa has the power through her network to bring some people in who are truly impressive… you really do get to expand the way you think.

Stuart Foster
VP of Marketing, Hilton Worldwide

I would have to say, one of the best sessions that I’ve been to in quite a while. I would also like to endorse the Marketing Leaders of DC organization … it’s a great forum to share experiences and learn a lot about the different aspects of marketing.

Chip Coyle
CMO, Infor

This group provides three important things: the best practices for marketing leaders, great advice from my peers, and Lisa’s ability to strategize with me on business issues.

Jeff Hung

It’s great to come into a forum to help me look at a problem from many different vantage points and speak with people who have solved similar problems.

Stuart Itkin
VP of Marketing, EngagePoint

The opportunity to work with other chief marketing executives and strategize how we can keep our seat at the boardroom table is very important.

Kerry Morgan
Seasoned Marketing Executive

We are a sponsor for Lisa’s CMO events…and I can’t recommend this more highly if you want to contribute to the thought leadership in this community.

Steve Richard
Co-Founder, Vorsight

Lisa’s Marketing Leaders of DC program is inspirational, thought provoking, creative, and fun–and she holds us accountable.

Susan Weber
SVP of Marketing and CMO,
Walker & Dunlop

Lisa’s CMO breakfast represented a great variety of marketing professionals! I came away from the session reinvigorated, and more convinced than ever that the marketing function can – and arguably must! – bring real value to an organization.

Michael Gleeson
Director of Practice Group Marketing, Cozen O’Connor

Lisa’s ability to lead high octane, seasoned marketing talent towards finding best practices is impressive. She possesses the ability to drill down on the top challenges while delivering real world examples. I would highly recommend that DC area marketing executives get involved in her organization to take their game and their companies to the next level.”

Tim Hill
Former President of Global Marketing, Blackboard

Lisa’s focus on real-world solutions to challenges faced by CMOs is very refreshing. I implemented two action steps successfully within a week as a result of attending her private CMO peer session.

John Seabreeze
former Vice President, Marketing, Billy Casper Golf

During one of her CMO Breakfast Roundtables, Lisa guided us through a discussion that prompted some high-impact idea sharing and a number of good takeaways. Her insights and panelists were top notch. Great event!”

Lewis Waters
Co-Founder and COO, Celerity

The CMO breakfast was informative and thought provoking, and I know I walked away with several things I immediately applied to my current role. Lisa clearly understands the evolving nature of the CMO role, and she is committed to delivering pragmatic and actionable information.

Jim Ivers
CMO, Covata

Lisa clearly understands the important role marketing leaders play within an organization. But she also recognizes the challenges these leaders face in getting attention to fully showcase – or even justify – why marketing is so critical to an organization’s success. Lisa is uniquely able to help marketing leaders break through and have real impact with senior management.

Doug Kotlove
Division Marketing Director, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Lisa’s CMO session was very meaningful for me. The discussion about the changing role of the CMO offered fresh perspectives, and gave me plenty of food for thought. This is absolutely essential as we continue to grow and adapt to the very competitive consumer electronics industry.

Devon Mish
Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, M-Edge

I found Lisa’s strategic analysis and approach different than many other advisers. The area that intrigued me the most was how critical it is to have feedback loops in place to make it easy for our clients to tell us what is on their minds, for better or worse.

Stephen Friedman
Senior Vice President, Regents Bank

Lisa Nirell Clients

Partial Client List

  • Adobe
  • Arizona State University
  • Association for Corporate Growth
  • B2B CFO
  • BMC Software
  • Cardinal Health
  • Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)
  • Greater Houston Women’s Chamber
  • Financial Executives International
  • GenRe
  • Hanken School of Economics (Finland)
  • IBM
  • Jeld-Wen
  • Jigsaw
  • Microsoft
  • North Seattle Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Trust
  • OppenheimerFunds
  • Rain Group/Rain Today
  • Regents Bank
  • Service Strategies
  • Siebel Systems/ Oracle
  • Sony
  • Trend Micro
  • Wells Fargo Advisors

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Get five bonus gifts when you subscribe to EnergizeNews, our free newsletter that will help you
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