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With over 30 years of practical corporate marketing and sales experience, Lisa will help your audience reach higher performance goals, attract more of the ideal customers, focus on high-reward marketing planning activities and campaigns, and position their organization for long-term success.  As a seasoned marketing strategist, author, award-winning business blogger and speaker, she presents keynote topics for organizations across the globe.


Lisa’s Keynote and Workshop Topics

Lisa NirellHow to Start a Mindful Marketing Revolution

At what point do big data, analytics, and an “always on” economic model make us mindless, not mindful? Research shows that the pendulum towards technology over-stimulation has swung too far. Revolutionary business leaders are seeking new ways to make important decisions without depending solely on data and social media strategies. Mindfulness is a powerful gateway to help achieve that.

In this session, marketing expert Lisa Nirell will share fresh insights from her newest book, The Mindful Marketer, to help you:

  • Identify and eradicate the most common mindless marketing habits
  • Discover 4 ways that mindful marketing revolutionaries are born
  • Deploy specific steps to accelerate ROI, community engagement, sales alignment, and campaign success
  • Implement profit-producing strategies from marketing revolutionaries at Miraval Resorts, TripAdvisor, and goop.

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All the Right Moves: the New Rules of the Modern Marketing Dance

Lisa Nirell on StageJust a few years ago, you could thrive as a marketing leader by demonstrating a clear understanding of Marketing’s Four P’s. And you were a star if you could create sexy ad campaigns which drew big crowds.

But those days are gone. The dance-off between creativity and information overload has reached a fever pitch. Today’s marketing leaders are expected to be tech-savvy, data-driven, and cultural ambassadors.

This session will share a summary of the latest marketing leadership research and insights from Lisa’s CMO peer groups to help you:

  • Identify the four marketing leader competencies needed to leap ahead.
  • Avoid stepping on your customers’ toes when you implement “new marketing moves” (such as analytics, social media campaigns, and big data initiatives).
  • Raise your technology acumen.
  • Optimize collaboration with both Sales and the Board.
  • Learn the rhythms of modern marketing leaders such as Red Hat, Esurance, and Infosys.

Invite Lisa to present “All the Right Moves” to your next customer conference or retreat.


Dodging the Dinosaurs: How to Avoid CMO Extinction

lisa-speaking2The traditional role of the CMO is facing unprecedented threats. Gartner Group predicts that CMOs will spend more on IT than CIOs by 2017. Changing social norms, fueled by social media, have caused unprecedented departmental tensions. CMOs face pressure to demonstrate marketing return on investment more than any other time in their careers.

This discussion provides you with practical strategies to:

  • Demonstrate your strategic value in a compelling way
  • Anticipate change before your competition does
  • Thrive in today’s volatile times and gain more confidence

Invite Lisa to present “Dodging the Dinosaurs: How to Avoid CMO Extinction” to your organization.


From Order Taker to Innovator: How to Thrive in a Modern Marketing World

Today’s marketing leaders are doing their best to adapt to unprecedented changes in customer behaviors, pricing models, and digital landscapes. It’s easy to be swept away by the tides of marketing tactics and firefighting.

How will you make the shift from order taker to innovator?
Lisa Nirell Speaking
Lisa will show you how. Hear how innovative senior marketers have made the leap to breakthrough thinking and created new paths to growth.

Seasoned marketing strategist and expert Lisa Nirell shares surprising results from her latest CMO Innovation Trends study, as well as contemporary examples.

This program will provide you with:

  • A clear definition of marketing innovation
  • Nine marketing innovation gateways
  • Planning models to showcase and increase your strategic impact
  • A surprising strategy to eliminate outdated branding and positioning approaches
  • Five rules to help you spend more time innovating and less time firefighting

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Chad Mezera

The WVU Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program was happy to have Lisa speak at our annual INTEGRATE conference. Her presentation, ‘How to Start a Mindful Marketing Revolution,’ was well-received and achieved above-average ratings from attendees. One attendee wrote, “refreshing change to the typical marketing metrics presentation with a nice focus on personal awareness.” We have recommended Lisa to many of our colleagues for future speaking engagements.

Chad Mezera, Director of Online Programs, West Virginia University Reed College of Media

Amanda Sanchez

Lisa Nirell was an incredible asset to our Millennial Marketers panel at Adobe Summit – The Digital Marketing Conference. She brought a dynamic approach to leading and moderating our panel discussion that disarmed the participants and energized the audience. From concept to planning to execution, Lisa was a thrill to work with and consistently put her best foot forward in every interaction along the way, resulting in a well-organized and engaging event. Thank you, Lisa, for your professionalism and gracious demeanor!

Amanda Sanchez, PR Manager, Digital Marketing Adobe

Tami Siewruk

Over the past 25 years, I have brought together thousands of multifamily executives to create breakthrough ideas and thrive during these challenging economic times. Lisa’s keynote and executive sessions on ‘Leading the Mindful Multifamily Revolution’ exceeded our objectives. If your organization wants a pragmatic and balanced approach to understanding and applying the new rules of modern marketing, don’t hesitate to hire Lisa!

Tami Siewruk, Chief Imagination Officer, MultiFamily Pro

Greg Kihlstrom

We invited Lisa to share lessons from her latest book, The Mindful Marketer, at our annual Advertising Week DC conference. Her unique insights on what it takes to thrive as a modern, mindful marketer inspired the packed audience. Personally, I found her advice on making the shift from “order taker” to “market maker” in the age of big data both pragmatic and timely.

If you want someone to provoke your audience and shape new ways of thinking, hire Lisa for your next conference!

Greg Kihlstrom, Founder & CEO, Carousel30
President, Board of Directors DC Ad Club (American Advertising Federation)

Lisa’s innovative strategic growth ideas and energy booster questions were highly instrumental in making our seminar a huge success.

Kirsti Lindberg-Repo, Research Director
Hanken School of Economics
Helsinki, Finland

You imparted wisdom and insight that will help our members and clients prepare for the long
… I would highly recommend you to our sister chapters across the country.

Rich Brown, Executive Director
Association for Corporate Growth
San Francisco

“Lisa guided an amazing group of CMOs through a discussion that prompted some high-impact idea sharing and a number of good takeaways. Her panelists were top notch, insightful and very willing to share. Great event!”

Lewis Waters, co-founder and COO
McLean, VA

If you are planning a live conference and are looking for fresh new ideas to re energize your
growth strategy and marketing approaches, do not hesitate to hire Lisa.

Mary Donato, President Applied Principles and Associate Director
Penn State University/Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM)

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