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Patricia BramhallBefore I invested in Lisa’s consulting and multimedia systems, I was experiencing slow and undirected growth. I began working with Lisa to clarify my vision for growing the business and the results have been excellent.

Within four months, we closed the gap between our vision for growth and our sales pipeline. Our pipeline of “ideal clients” doubled to $435,000 when we applied the EnergizeGrowth® models. I now schedule time each week to work on my business strategy, marketing plan and family activities.

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Patricia Bramhall, Founder

Robert ZeigenfuseWe recently re-branded our company and expanded abroad. We were having problems with assimilating our strategic goals, values, and mission across the global organization. As executives, we were spending nearly half of our time sorting out customer misunderstandings and internal communications problems, and very little time on planning. As a result, we were missing out on six and seven figure business opportunities. “As we expanded abroad, we used tribal knowledge to communicate our culture. This required way too much micro-management.

After working with Lisa and her team, we now announce and track our strategic goals on a quarterly basis, and people pick pieces of those that they’ll help the company do. By linking our strategy and employee development through the Personal Strategic Plan process, we saw a direct impact on the bottom line. Collection time has gone from 75 days down to 45 days, and our CFO was featured in Inc. Magazine for our innovative cash management strategies.

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Robert (Bob) Zeigenfuse
Founder and President

Feyzi FatehiLisa’s direct style, combined with her 27 years’ hands-on experience and CEO research, sends a strong and vital message on the attributes that clearly separate thriving businesses from the rest. The EnergizeGrowth® systems are a must for those leaders who want to learn new habits and sustain their top performer position.

Feyzi Fatehi, CEO
Corent Technology Inc.

Mike DavisMy company was in need of serious growth so that my wife and I could reach an income level that would allow us to retire comfortably. After hearing Lisa speak at a regional conference, I wanted to learn how better to market our company. One of the first things that I learned in the Action Group was that I was the limiting factor to the growth of our business. I learned how to change my way of thinking, how to identify my ideal customer, and how to reach those customers.

Lisa’s action groups help maintain accountability for the work that needs to be done. The quality of people that Lisa attracts really helps get you over any mental hurdles that you may be having in the development of your own marketing plan. Not only did they hold me accountable, they became my mastermind group and my friends.
Lisa’s company name – EnergizeGrowth® — says it all. If you are a services company that is tired of not getting enough clients and are not sure how to reach them, then you need to call Lisa.

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Mike Davis, President
TMT Home Remodelers

John SundbergWe recently announced a new company direction and strategy. After we launched the EnergizeGrowth® Profile Program with our leadership team, we uncovered two major roadblocks to our success, which put us at risk of losing market opportunity and creating a lot of wasted effort. The Profile Program not only saved us months of failed energy and effort with our leadership team—it also helped me personally get my priorities back in order in less than two weeks.

John Sundberg, CEO
Kinetic Data

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