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New product launches, surprise competitors, strategy shifts, mergers, acquisitions, and global threats drive “big bet” initiatives in today’s growth companies. Big bets require us to refine our ability to adapt and remain resilient. Unfortunately, we are humans. And most of us are resistant to change because we are afraid of the unfamiliar.

Successful, energized organizations that want to attract and retain strategic leaders know the value of naming and eliminating the obstacles, or energy drainers, that prevent them from thriving.

If you are launching a “big bet” change in your company, you will need executives to be your change champions. They need to be educated in ways to be transparent, overcome resistance, give team members the help they need, and implement the change initiatives effectively. Your job is to ensure that everyone is equipped and engaged so that they can focus on daily actions that support your vision.

We help you optimize your team performance by:

  • Outlining the nature of change.
  • Presenting options to help your teams overcome “the beast” (resistance to change) in a non-threatening way.
  • Developing new solutions to complex problems.
  • Building a cogent communications plan that reinforces ideal change champion behaviors.

As a result, our clients are able to:

  • React more quickly to internal and external shifts and imperatives.
  • Retain top performers, even during times of change, by knowing how to respond to their needs and concerns.
  • Discourage naysayers and optimize productivity during the transition period.
  • Respond to crisis and competition by learning to see challenges as opportunities.
If you want to optimize your team’s performance, contact us to arrange a confidential, 30 minute advisory call.

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