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Pat Bramhall“Before I invested in Lisa’s consulting and multimedia systems, I was experiencing slow and sporadic growth. I began working with Lisa to clarify my vision for growing the business and the results have been excellent.”
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I bet you have attended one too many corporate retreats. And most of them have probably been a huge waste of time.

That’s because they often ignore these rules of thumb:

  • Every growth plan must be aligned with customer and market needs, dynamics and perceptions.
  • A company’s own limiting beliefs and culture can sabotage the best laid plans.
  • Most plans are over-engineered and too complicated to implement.


In any business, however, nothing can happen without a written plan. Recent brain research proves that we are unable to focus intently on activities or goals that do not get documented.

That is why we help you build concrete action plans for growing your business.


We work in paired teams to help you develop a “plan with a purpose”—a market-centered growth plan that aligns with your vision and core values. Using the EnergizeGrowth® 11 step planning framework, we will help you stay on course for a successful year. And we promise not to recommend ropes courses, art classes, or wilderness programs to make your plan become a reality.

Contact us to arrange a confidential, 30 minute advisory call and design your future, today!

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