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Starting a Business is Exciting
and Fun…  But That Early Euphoria is Only Temporary

Feyzi Fatehi“The EnergizeGrowth® systems are a must for those leaders who want to learn new habits and sustain their top performer position.”
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Corent Technology, Inc.

After the newness of your new business starts to wear off, that early euphoria can turn to frustration and exhaustion when growth stalls. If you are struggling to make the transition from a bootstrapping start-up to a growth company—relax. There is a proven way to make this transition to sustained growth—and learning how is easier and more affordable than you think.

How “FOCUS on Energizing Growth™” Works

In this program, Lisa Nirell is going to show you step-by-step how to plan for a truly wealthy company. As a member, you will receive one 5-15 page weekly lesson for 6 months. Each lesson arrives in your email inbox in downloadable PDF format. I will also include the occasional audio and video as a bonus.

Each lesson positions you for success with these features:

  1. Pithy lessons that are designed to help you take action
    Each weekly lesson provides you with several pages of practical content. I cover one topic that you can act on immediately.
  2. You get a concrete assignment to finish
    At the end of each lesson, I’ll tell you exactly which steps to take to implement your growth plan.
  3. It builds as you go
    This is a step-by-step process that allows you to leverage the lessons you have learned along the way.
  4. It encourages long-term success
    This just-in-time planning system prevents overwhelm by giving you what you need–when you need it, rather than overloading you with too much information.
  5. It provides you with results you can track 
    As the months progress, you will be able to trace each step you have taken, and document your success as you go.
  6. If you choose the Platinum Level Membership, you will receive four live laser mentoring calls. You can schedule these at our mutual convenience, or when you feel stuck with your growth plan. In this hour, we will cover any open questions you have about the lessons, and I will share with you my secrets for energized growth. At my regular fee, this is a $2,970 value.

A Sneak Peek into the Lesson Plan

Here are just some of the secrets Lisa will be sharing with you over the next six months:

  • 15 ways your company may be draining you…even while filling your bank account (week 2)
  • How to identify the limiting beliefs that are destroying your growth (week 4)
  • Seven secrets for increasing your WQ (Wealth Quotient) (week 8)
  • The 5 key steps to growth planning (week 10)
  • Zappos CFO Alfred Lin on aligning your growth plan with your culture (Bonus audio)
  • The 13 questions you MUST ask your clients – before they leave you forever (week 16)
  • How to supercharge revenues – with fewer clients (week 25)
  • The latest tips on designing and launching effective Client Advisory Boards plus two bonus interviews (week 21)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Outcomes from the Program:

  1. You will manage and conquer the actions, beliefs, and clients that are preventing you from reaching your company’s true potential.
  2. You will learn how to align your values with vision and your top goals.
  3. You will develop a growth plan and marketing messages that are easy enough for people to understand and consistently communicate.
  4. You will design a culture of accountability and focus for you and your teams – even if they are virtual or part time employees.

Check out success stories from people who have joined the program, or view your membership options!

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