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Do You Still Have Questions About the “FOCUS on Energizing Growth™” Program?

Virtual Mentoring QuestionsIs the Program Guaranteed?

Yes, with conditions:

  1. We guarantee the quality of our work.
  2. If you participate fully in this program, and complete the exercises, you will get the kind of results we mentioned earlier.
  3. If you have completed the lessons, and are still not satisfied, we will refund 50% of your investment.

Will FOCUS on Energizing Growth benefit brand new companies?

FOCUS on Energizing Growth is most suited for companies that have already reached a certain level of success.  If you are still formulating your company goals, revenue model, and have no clients, you will not receive the full value that we have promised.

Does this program include personal mentoring and feedback?

The Platinum membership level of FOCUS on Energizing Growth™ includes one consultation call a month with me. This means savings of 51% from my normal fees.

How many total lessons are included in this course?

You receive a total of 25 weekly electronic lessons. You will also receive some occasional bonus gifts, videos, and MP3 lessons.

Will I be stuck with a long term commitment?

While each lesson builds on the previous one, you are free to cancel your membership at any time. We request 30 days’ notice.

How are the lessons delivered?  Will I have to remember another set of passwords?

Each lesson is conveniently delivered by email, so you will never miss a lesson. You do not need any special passwords.

What happens if I get overwhelmed and fall behind schedule?

Because FOCUS on Energizing Growth is a carefully paced, step-by-step method for building a marketing foundation, there is no overwhelm.  You take each lesson as it reaches your inbox.

I do business outside the United States.  Will these principles apply to me?

Yes, I have successfully worked with clients in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia. These are universal principles for countries that practice free trade.

Will you include a hard copy of your workbook?

All lessons and materials for the Gold level are delivered electronically.  However, when you invest in the Platinum membership level, the 52 page PDF workbook for the “11 Steps to Energize Your Business Growth” Multimedia System is included, AND you will receive the multimedia system CDs and a hardcover copy of my book via FedEx Ground shipment.

Does this program include a copy of your latest book, “EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company?”

Platinum level members of FOCUS on Energizing Growth™ receive an autographed copy of my latest book.

What does it take for me to succeed with your Program?

Focus on completing each weekly lesson. If you get stuck or confused, email me immediately.  I respond within 48 hours.  Be open to feedback and new ideas, even when you don’t agree with them.  Ask someone to be your accountability partner to keep you on track.  Finally, avoid excuses, blame and distractions. All three of these dubious characters will stunt your company growth.

May I share these lessons with my employees?

This program is designed as a single user product. If you would like to discuss ordering multiple copies for your team, contact me for group discounts.

I belong to a business peer group, and they can benefit from this program as well. May I share these lessons with them?

If you feel that FOCUS on Energizing Growth is perfect for your business peer group, I encourage you to become an affiliate. Once you register, you will earn a commission for each sale and help your colleagues in a legal and ethical way.

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