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Key Takeaways: Atlanta CMO Innovation Breakfast

9 Marketing Innovation Gateways

We just hosted the Atlanta CMO Innovation Breakfast. The purpose of the interactive session was threefold: to outline the fundamentals of marketing innovation, assess the participants’ readiness to foster an innovative culture, and deliver fresh insights to kick start innovation in their organizations. For four consecutive years, our CMO community has asked “How will we make the […]

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Mindful Marketing Techniques – New Podcast


Marketing leaders often ask me “how do you stay centered and focused? What can I do to create more “white space” on my calendar? My schedule is very hectic, and I seldom make time to reflect.” Mindful marketing techniques have really helped me in this area. I recently sat down with “Shareology” author and Purematter […]

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3 Partnering Pitfalls–and How to Avoid Them


In our 3rd annual CMO Innovation Trends study, participants told us their two biggest challenges are 1) a lack of talent to address business imperatives and 2) effectively building a strong brand across online and offline touch points. What’s a CMO to do when resources are this scarce, yet growth is an imperative? Many turn […]

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Atlanta CMO Breakfast May 11: Join us?


If you are a CMO or VP of Marketing in the Atlanta area, please join our Atlanta CMO breakfast at The Commerce Club of Atlanta on Wednesday, May 11 from 8:00-9:45 am. This complimentary session is entitled “From Order Taker to Innovator: How CMOs Will Thrive in a Modern Marketing World.” Today’s marketing leaders are doing […]

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Early Bird Rate for CLIC’16 Expires Friday…


The early-bird rate for our 2nd annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’16) will end this Friday, April 15. This year, our conference happens at the historic Airlie Retreat Center in Warrenton, Virginia October 20-21 (just 45 minutes from Dulles Airport). You will be joined by CMOs from Bozzuto, Informatica, Hilton, Gannett, NACD, and RES Software (to name […]

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Customers Are People, Not Data Points


Here’s something that all marketing professionals understand but that many marketing organizations have forgotten: the most sophisticated customer analytics tools cannot replace the insights we gather through genuine human conversations. Humans possess the ability to be empathetic, compassionate, and intuitive. As of this writing, computers lack these abilities. This is why no matter how powerful […]

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7 Marketing Innovation and Planning Resources

Are you overwhelmed by the number of marketing innovations and software products available today? You are not alone. When I last counted, I discovered over 1,400 marketing and analytics tools. How can any marketing leaders stay abreast of the latest trends that will propel their businesses forward when the rate of change is this fast? […]

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Forget 2016 Resolutions—Choose Reflection

Many of us have returned to business as usual this week. Thanks to the downtime, extra sleep, and extra meditation time, I had a huge insight: Reflection is more essential than making resolutions. When working with my clients, I consistently find that they are stellar at hopping from one meeting to the next. They have sophisticated dashboards […]

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Marketing “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica


Blue Spirit Retreat Center embodies “pura vida.” The mantra – meaning “pure life” — has a deep meaning to the Costa Ricans. Marketing “pura vida” happens effortlessly at the Center. Your only method to reach Blue Spirit is a bumpy 3 hour shuttle crawl from Liberia Airport. As you arrive at the Center, you are greeted by […]

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New Video: Lisa & Guy Kawasaki Debrief at TESSCO One

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 3.11.45 PM

 You will also hear Guy also share his latest interests and strong opinions on the most pressing social topics of the day–including the Apple-DOJ standoff. Over the years, Guy has endorsed my books, including “The Mindful Marketer” and “EnergizeGrowth NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company.”. Guy has inspired my work for over 13 years, and is one […]

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