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How The Program Works

Sign up as an affiliate

When you sign up, you’ll fill out a simple form online and then you’ll immediately receive a welcome email with your Affiliate Link. It looks some thing like this:

Register for PayPal

We use PayPal to send your affiliate commissions. It’s free and easy to do. Make sure to use the same email address for your PayPal account as you used when signing up as an affiliate so the payment goes to the right place.

PayPal is one of the best and most secure ways to make payments on the web. A balance builds up in your PayPal account which you can use to make other online purchases or you can transfer that balance into your checking account with just a couple clicks.

Place your affiliate link in your email and web site.

When you put your affiliate link in your email or on your web site and someone clicks on it, it brings them to the home page of EnergizeGrowth®.

And then they get “tagged” by having a cookie placed on their browser. When the person who clicked on the link buys something from us, the shopping cart software recognizes that cookie (with your affiliate number) and gives you credit for that sale.

Earning Commissions

The commission I pay on most sales ranges from 10-30%. It varies by product and is listed under eligible products.

In order to get credit for every sale, the person who clicked on your affiliate link must buy something from the same computer they used when they clicked on the link. If they buy something from a different computer, there will be no cookie to recognize and no credit will be given. This is usually not a problem. Most people use the same computer for all their online ordering.

Commissions are not paid on phone-in orders or checks sent by mail.

It’s simply not possible to track these sales like online sales. Commissions are also not paid on personal sales – products you buy yourself.

When your affiliate commission reaches $50, you are paid your commission through PayPal. Payments go out around the 30th of every month and you will be notified by email.

Check your Affiliate Balance

All your sales and commissions get recorded and if you login to your affiliate control panel, you will see how many sales were made and how much in commissions you’ve earned. Just log in with your username and password and click on the “Reports” link below the EnergizeGrowth® logo.

Using Your Affiliate Link

The most important thing in your promotion plan is to make sure you have the right affiliate link. Login to your affiliate account, you’ll see a number of links under the EnergizeGrowth® Logo. Click on the one that says “Get Links” and right below you’ll see your affiliate link that looks like this:

Altering and Shortening Your Affiliate Link

One of the problems with affiliate text links is that they are unwieldy.

Many people recognize them as affiliate links and are reluctant to click on them. But if you alter or disguise your affiliate link, you’ll get better results.

You do this by going to a site that will do this for you automatically.

One of the best and easiest is All you do is go to the site, copy your affiliate link into the form where it says “Enter a long URL to make tiny:” and then press the “Make TinyURL!” button. You can also use

In a couple of seconds a new page will open with your new Tiny URL.

Just copy it and use it as your new affiliate link. It will work identically to your original link. Of course, make sure to test it first.

Sign up for our Affiliate Program today! If you have questions, please contact us at (703) 888-1288.

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