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Webinar: Investing in Customer Experience in 2017?

How much are you investing in customer experience initiatives next year? Where does your current CxP program fall short? I recently teamed up with Infor’s CMO, Chip Coyle to further explore this topic. We led a webinar called “5 Tips for A Tailored Customer Journey.” The session was hosted by the American Marketing Association. You may […]

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Webinar 9/15: Tips to Optimize the Customer Journey

Please join me on Thursday,  September 15 for a webinar entitled “You Talking to Me? 5 Tips to Optimize the Customer Journey.” As the rapid shift to customer-centricity continues, aligning with the customer journey trumps business as usual. What can you do to make every stage of the customer journey meaningful and memorable? How will you balance […]

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2nd Annual CMO Trends Research Report Now Available (Free)

We have just completed our 2nd annual CMO Trends research, and it’s ready for you to download. Thanks to input from 55 CMOs, we uncovered the two biggest obstacles to thriving in today’s data-driven business climate. When you register, you will receive: A 13-page research report containing a 5-step guide to eliminating today’s biggest marketing leadership […]

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Complimentary Marketing Leadership Development Gift: The Mindful Marketer

I am pleased to announce that my new marketing leadership development book, The Mindful Marketer: How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World,  is now officially available for pre-order worldwide. Since you are a member of our community, you can now download a complimentary sample chapter. This chapter outlines proven strategies to deepen […]

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6 important updates from our latest CMO research

Here are the highlights of our 2nd annual CMO Trends study. While I put the finishing touches on the white paper, buy cialis I thought you’d like a sneak peek into what we learned: Fifty-five CMOs responded, representing a wide range of industries. They include academic, software, trade associations, real estate, financial services, cybersecurity, media, […]

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Client Event June 12: A Marketing Conversation with Dell’s CIO, Andi Karaboutis

If you rely on technology and cross-functional teams to help you deepen customer relationships, you may want to know about my next teleconference June 12 with Andi Karaboutis, the CIO of Dell. This is a rare, valuable offer that I rarely extend to my global community. Here’s why. In the past year, I have discovered […]

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How Marketing Leaders Can Secure a Seat in the C-Suite

“CEOs are from Mars; CMOs are from Venus.” That is one of my favorite lines from the former CEO of Eloqua, viagra sales remedy Joe Payne. And ten years after the birth of marketing automation, cialis generic cheap there is still plenty CMO turmoil and distrust in the executive suite. The abundance of data, coupled […]

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Five Troubling Demand Creation Trends (and a Bonus MP3)

I recently hosted a conversation with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, viagra sales sales the CMO of MindJet in San Francisco, CA. My private CMO community participated in this call. We discussed The Future of Demand Creation. In this session, Jascha and I shared our insights on: 5 Major Shifts affecting your demand creation strategy Advice for CMOs […]

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How to Create Positive Content Chemistry

In my last video, generic cialis sildenafil I outlined common content myths today’s marketing leaders need to eliminate, sick and pointed to the television series Breaking Bad, look for inspiration. Here’s how you can replace those bad content habits with good content chemistry: Set your intentions. Kathy Meara, Content Marketing Manager for CA Technologies, is […]

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“Breaking Bad” Content Strategies

Are your lead conversion rates missing expectations? Are salespeople and customers pressuring you to create and deliver more engaging content? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, viagra sale it just might be time to break some old habits—such as providing ho-hum content and events.  Think about Breaking Bad’s lead writer and creator, […]

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