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3 Costly Creative Workflow Traps for CMOs to Avoid

Creative Workflow

Enjoy this post from our April guest blogger, Alex Withers. He’s the CMO of InMotionNow. It’s no surprise that in 2017, top CMOs are making content strategy and creative workflow a high priority. 85% of marketers surveyed reported that “producing higher quality content more efficiently” was the top factor to their increased success last year, […]

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Marketing Transformation Insights: New Videos

Marketing transformation is no longer a luxury. It’s an imperative. We define marketing transformation as the strategy for designing a new, exciting, unfamiliar, and improved future for your customers and stakeholders. Innovation is the activity required to realize that transformation (applied creativity). Transformation, unlike incremental process, program, or product improvement, requires significant behavioral, cultural, and operational change. […]

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New Video: Lisa & Guy Kawasaki Debrief at TESSCO One

 You will also hear Guy also share his latest interests and strong opinions on the most pressing social topics of the day–including the Apple-DOJ standoff. Over the years, Guy has endorsed my books,including “The Mindful Marketer” and “EnergizeGrowth NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company.”. Guy has inspired my work for over 13 years, and is one of a […]

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Demographics Are Dead: Long Live Customer Mindsets (Video)

Demographics Word Cloud

Featuring Stuart Foster, VP of Marketing of Luxury and Lifestyle Brands at Hilton Worldwide   In his presentation at our recent CLIC’ 15 CMOs Leading Innovation Conference, Stuart Foster described his fresh new vision of targeting consumers based on mindsets, and the results this “mindful marketing” has generated at Hilton. You can watch the first […]

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Are You Ready to Be a Marketing Innovator? (New Video)

How to Be a Marketing Innovator with Lisa Nirell

Follow me back 45 years ago, when my Mom invited me to skip school and visit Dad’s office at Litton Industries. This represented a BIG adventure to me. I knew Dad was a mechanical engineer, but I never truly understood what his job entailed. This was my chance to get answers. We pulled up to […]

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Video: Designing Mindful Marketing Communities

Designing Mindful Marketing Communities

  Let’s talk about how we design our marketing communities. In Buddhism, we have a term called sangha. This has to do with surrounding yourself with like-minded people who support you in whatever you’re doing. We need to find our sangha as mindful marketers. In this video, Jamie Gorski, CMO of The Bozzuto Group, and […]

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Video: Setting Your Mindful Marketer Priorities

  There are many different strategies involved in mindful marketing, from using intentional language to designing our customer communities in a new way. It can be hard to implement all of these things in our companies at once. Where to begin? In this video, I offer guidance in setting your mindful marketer priorities. By balancing […]

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Video: Practical Ideas for Becoming a Mindful Marketer

Practical Ideas for Becoming a Mindful Marketer

  What are some practical, everyday ways that marketing leaders can become more mindful? That’s the question I posed to attendees during my AdWeek DC keynote. What emerged were some extremely thoughtful mindful marketing ideas that I’d like to share with you in this video. A few highlights: How to understand and find balance between what […]

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Why Mindful Marketing Is Good Business

  I recently met with IN Live! network host Limor Schafman to discuss The Mindful Marketer. We discussed how mindfulness is playing an increasingly important role in corporations—both in personal practice and in regards to marketing strategy. I shared how these new trends in mindfulness can help marketing leaders be more effective, and create deeper connections with […]

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Video: The Most Common Mindless Marketing Habits

The most common mindless marketing habits

  Can we talk for a moment about our marketing habits? During AdWeek DC, I addressed the topic of marketing habits with Jamie Gorski, CMO of The Bozzuto Group. In our fireside chat, we uncovered the most common mindless marketing habits (including some that will probably surprise you). Here’s a sampling: Spending too much time on […]

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