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Marketing Innovation in the Age of Resistance

Marc Chagali quote

Marketing leaders are swimming in a sea of innovation resistance from customers, assertive shareholders, Glassdoor-savvy employees, and fierce competitors. Some of us are embracing it; others are ignoring it and hoping the resistance shall pass; and some are engulfed in it. In all three scenarios, the movement is forcing many marketing leaders to re-evaluate our […]

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5 Key Skills to Build Better Board Communications

board communications

Board communications and relationships can make or break your success as a marketing leader.  ForbesCMO just published my article on five CMO competencies to help you communicate effectively with your board, and gain commitment to your key initiatives. This post on improving board communications comes at an important time for our community of marketing leaders. Soon […]

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Missing these Integrated Marketing Puzzle Pieces?

The marketing technology (martech) boom is both a blessing and a curse for integrated marketing initiatives. Experts describe integrated marketing as a way to create a seamless experience for your buyers and customers to interact with you. The DMA goes even further, describing it as (sic) “melding all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales […]

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6 important updates from our latest CMO research

Here are the highlights of our 2nd annual CMO Trends study. While I put the finishing touches on the white paper, buy cialis I thought you’d like a sneak peek into what we learned: Fifty-five CMOs responded, representing a wide range of industries. They include academic, software, trade associations, real estate, financial services, cybersecurity, media, […]

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A Smarter Way to Set 2012 B2B Sales Targets

If you lead a B2B sales or partner organization, you know the drill. Your 2012 sales plan is about to be unveiled. Here’s how things typically happen: You work hard all year, and at the upcoming kickoff meeting, someone hands you your new quota, at which point you are supposed to smile and accept it. Sadly, you seldom have any input in forming that new quota or plan.

There is a better way. And I found it through growth advisor Mark Faust.

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Your vote counts – RainToday Reader’s Poll

I have a favor to ask you today. I was recently interviewed by RainToday, viagra usa a publication that reaches over 280, generic viagra 000 professional services and technology readers worldwide. My article and podcast is a finalist for “best article” in their Facebook Reader’s Choice Award. Would you mind taking 2 minutes to vote for the […]

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Is Inertia Winning Over Innovation?


My friend Sasha has been facing some tough personal and financial challenges, and has threatened many times to close her business. After years watching my business advice fall on deaf ears due to her indecisiveness and inertia, I finally stopped giving it.

We recently surveyed our B2B community, and inertia was a recurring theme. 

I'm not naive. Credit is tight, buyers are slow to make purchasing decisions, and global economic malaise hampers innovation. When it comes to investing in growth, today's volatile economy clearly makes many of us risk averse.

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I just enjoyed another interview with Arkadi Kuhlmann, cialis canada CEO and Chairman of ING Direct. His company mantra is "We are going to lead people back to savings." What is your company's driving message? Stay tuned for my latest comments on the Voice of the Customer Conference this week. Arkadi has clearly set the […]

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Enjoying my week in Hilton Head, discount cialis S.C. with Alan Weiss and friends!

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Last month, viagra usa the Australian Chief Justice Wayne Martin castigated the legal profession for their continued "hours for dollars" billing practice. In a recent of hourly billing provides unfair representation of their value. Although Alan Weiss (my mentor and author of "Million Dollar Consulting") derided this model more than a decade ago, best viagra […]

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