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3 Partnering Pitfalls–and How to Avoid Them

In our 3rd annual CMO Innovation Trends study, participants told us their two biggest challenges are 1) a lack of talent to address business imperatives and 2) effectively building a strong brand across online and offline touch points. What’s a CMO to do when resources are this scarce, yet growth is an imperative? Many turn to […]

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It’s All About Trust: Growth Insights from a Marketing Master

I just returned from my regular pilgrimage to an Alan Weiss event. As usual, Alan never disappoints. Here are some insights from our session that you can immediately apply to your annual planning activity.

Lisa & Alan Weiss 2012
photo courtesy of Gary Hallquist

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Using Newsweek’s Move To Digital To Inform Your 2013 Strategy

It’s that time of year to review your growth plans, see what’s working, and get rid of what’s not working. So take a few cues (or words of warning) from Tina Brown, who recently shut down the print edition of Newsweek and moved to an all-digital format.

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Why Marketers Need To Channel Captain Kirk

Are marketing executives orbiting the new “data galaxy” out of necessity, or curiosity?

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Why Too Much Focus On Marketing ROI Can Limit Growth

Lessons from the dark side of over-investing in marketing ROI efforts and ignoring the creative aspects of marketing.

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Why Old Marketing Definitions Fail to Deliver in the C-suite

Over the past month, I have met privately with dozens of CMOs. Many of them are feeling like the tree that fell in the forest. They cannot determine if anyone can really hear them.

Their biggest frustration–particularly among high-growth and mid-sized organizations–is their inability to win the hearts and minds of the C-suite. Is it because they lack talent, communications skills, or chutzpah? Not at all. I believe their current perceived role is limiting them from reaching their true potential.

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The “CMO Extinction” Debate Continues

Last week, I opened my email and realized I had started a firestorm. The future of marketing is a more heated topic than I ever realized.

Forbes contributor Bryan Thomas challenges my latest analysis of the future role (or extinction) of CMOs.

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Customer-Centric Strategies to Escape the Commodity Trap

One of my close friends provides image consulting and communications training to corporations and professionals in career transition. She regularly receives calls from low level corporate gatekeepers in Human Resources, cialis canada Finance, viagra generic Training, and other non-revenue producing areas. They ask for proposals for training programs, and never expect to get into any […]

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Why Customer Driven Cultures will Stall Your Growth

610-customer-service 082411 post When your biggest customer calls with an emergency request, do you dial 911? Chances are you are setting off unintended fire alarms – and causing your profits to lose altitude.

I met Shane, a dubiously anointed “star salesperson,” on a client assignment in San Diego. He piloted the biggest customers. When I worked with the General Manager of this $40M software division—his boss—I noticed how Shane could turn the entire support and customer service organization into a tailspin with one email. I cringed when I witnessed how his knee-jerk

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Brand Building – When Traction Happens

Last week, best viagra  I was waiting in the Whole Foods checkout line and glanced over at the magazine rack. (Actually, cialis buy I am one of the few people who loves waiting in certain checkout lines. Stores with a healthy variety of reading options earn my patience.) I couldn't help but fall in love with RealSimple's […]

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