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Mind the marketing talent gap: Don’t derail your digital transformation

As digital marketing moves to the strategic heart of business, too many organizations remain unprepared to meet the demands of digital transformation.

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Traditional Business vs. Disruptive Technologies: Is Your Business Model Lost In The Mail?

Traditional Business vs. Disruptive Technologies

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Does HR Have a Clue?

HR executives can learn the art of reinvention by studying how today’s CMOs are transforming their profession. The recent KPMG study of 400 global executives should be a strong motivator.

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Reflections on 2012

Time to reflect on 2012, and gracefully chart our course for 2013.

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It’s All About Trust: Growth Insights from a Marketing Master

I just returned from my regular pilgrimage to an Alan Weiss event. As usual, Alan never disappoints. Here are some insights from our session that you can immediately apply to your annual planning activity.

Lisa & Alan Weiss 2012
photo courtesy of Gary Hallquist

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The Power of F2F in B2B relationships

How many times this week did you avoid calling a colleague and send them a text message? Or participate in email banter in lieu of a 30 minute coffee date? Your B2B business opportunities may be slowing due to the lack of F2F (face to face) contact.

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Don’t Occupy Seattle! Harvest More Value from Your Customer Base

Nancy Porte Nancyporteof Vovici (now a Verint company) recently read my book, and asked me to spend time discussing some highlights. In this Listening Post interview, you will learn:

  • Why it's important to balance online and offline customer feedback approaches
  • The one factor most companies ignore when profiling their ideal customer
  • How to gather valuable, live customer feedback

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Business Holiday Gift Ideas in Business Info Guide

I stumbled across a resource-rich site that any small B2B business owner will want to visit often. Stephanie Chandler, cialis generic founder of, generic viagra showcases contemporary authors and experts every week and pithy, tactical advice for entrepreneurs.  I especially liked her timely "Best Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs" post.    Click here to also […]

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Join the world’s top business minds—October 25-29

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How B2B Stars Innovate – and Why Airlines Have Hit a Black Hole

A recent article in U.S. News & World Report disclosed that in 2010, airlines have generated $2.1B in additional passenger revenues through clever, and often egregious pricing strategies. If they had asked their customers for ways to make travel memorable again, would they have selected this strategy to grow revenues?

The "pay to breathe, walk or eat" pricing approach is rapidly eclipsing customer service in the airline industry, and customers like me are furious. Their nickel and dime strategy are earning them billions: Extra baggage fees comprised $600M in additional revenues and flight changes comprised another $900M.

StarCite_R-highres StarCite, a B2B technology company serving the travel industry, has charted a different course to fuel growth. I recently met with Greg Dukat, their CEO. He outlined a customer-centric growth strategy that challenges the airlines' approach, and will surely outlive it.

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