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Fine Vines: Atlanta CMO Annual Social Highlights

CMO Atlanta Social

What do you get when you blend fun conversation, carefully selected wine pairings, and Balinese cuisine? A recipe for a highly memorable Atlanta CMO Annual Social! We celebrated our first year with our Marketing Leaders of Atlanta charter members. CMOs from QASymphony, Innovergent, Walker & Dunlop, iHealth Innovations, and others participated. Many joined me in sipping some […]

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New Podcast: Building a Strong Brand

Stuart Foster Headshot

Are you committed to building a strong brand? Or, are you on the path to rebuilding an existing brand? If you answered “yes” to either question, you need to listen to this recent podcast (23 min. MP3) It features one of our Marketing Leaders of DC members, Stuart Foster. He’s the VP of Global Marketing at Hilton […]

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FastCompany post: Tough leadership lessons from 2016

2016 was one for the record books–and for some, it was a time to learn some tough leadership lessons. From Volkswagen’s ongoing emissions scandal accusations and arrests to revelations about Wells Fargo’s fraudulent consumer accounts, 2016 hasn’t been short on corporate missteps. In certain cases, leaders immediately admitted fault and changed course. Others denied, deflected, […]

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Marketing Innovation: Help from Honeybees

Honeybees? What is the connection between marketing innovation and honeybees? During our annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’16), we scheduled a unique group activity that helped us explore that question. We observed active honeybee colonies up close during our conference at the Airlie Retreat Center. My intention was to raise awareness of the perilous fate of […]

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Marketing Transformation Insights: New Videos

Marketing transformation is no longer a luxury. It’s an imperative. We define marketing transformation as the strategy for designing a new, exciting, unfamiliar, and improved future for your customers and stakeholders. Innovation is the activity required to realize that transformation (applied creativity). Transformation, unlike incremental process, program, or product improvement, requires significant behavioral, cultural, and operational change. […]

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New Research: Community Management ROI

Many community and senior marketing professionals would love to find a better way to measure and demonstrate the competitive advantage their online community delivers. This was very clear when our 4th annual CMO Innovation Trends study revealed the growing divide between CMOs and their C-suite counterparts.(If you have not yet downloaded your free report, visit […]

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Deconstructing the White House: Election Leadership Lessons

How do we deconstruct what happened in last night’s US elections? Start by imagining a bucolic Connecticut childhood home. I grew up in a white shingled house with black ersatz shutters and a well-manicured, expansive lawn. Inside the modest abode, our true colors flew. My Dad, a World War II veteran, spent most nights at the […]

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Report: CMOs Facing “Colony Collapse” in 2017?

We have just completed our 4th annual CMO Innovation Trends report (now available for free download here). 103 CMOs and Marketing VPs from 9 countries participated in the study. Much like we are witnessing the frightening impact of bee colony collapse in the natural world, we believe the decline in focused attention on marketing innovation will […]

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Webinar: Investing in Customer Experience in 2017?

How much are you investing in customer experience initiatives next year? Where does your current CxP program fall short? I recently teamed up with Infor’s CMO, Chip Coyle to further explore this topic. We led a webinar called “5 Tips for A Tailored Customer Journey.” The session was hosted by the American Marketing Association. You may […]

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10 Reasons to Make Marketing Innovation CLIC

We are in countdown mode for our 2nd annual CMOs Leading Innovation Conference. This year’s theme is “the need for innovation speed.”   Marketing leaders from across the US have chosen this conference to accomplish several goals: Discover fresh new ways to accelerate innovation within their organizations Deepen peer relationships Leverage technology to foster innovation […]

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