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Marketing “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica

Blue Spirit Retreat Center embodies “pura vida.” The mantra – meaning “pure life” — has a deep meaning to the Costa Ricans. Marketing “pura vida” happens effortlessly at the Center. Your only method to reach Blue Spirit is a bumpy 3 hour shuttle crawl from Liberia Airport. As you arrive at the Center, you are greeted by […]

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Our CMO “Bowl & Brew” Annual Social – Ninepins and Nonsense

CMO Group Event Awards Rob Caskey and Lisa Nirell

We brought together our CMO group “outlaws” on February 17 to show their ninepin chops at our annual “Bowl & Brew” in DC. These are the members of our private CMO peer groups and online community. Who knew that Miss Acubed (aka Alicia A.) carried her own bowling shoes? Or that Sonny G. moonlights as a […]

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Downward Dogma: Meeting Planning Mistakes That Promote Divisiveness

A few weeks ago, a doe-eyed workshop volunteer stopped me at the entrance to the crowded meditation room. “Has anyone talked to you about our dress code?” she asked. “You see, we require you to wear white clothing from head to toe. Our teacher said that if you don’t have anything light to wear, you […]

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Why Self-Reliance Must Guide Marketing Strategy

Magnus and I lived in Southern California for 10 years. Now a D.C. area resident, cialis sales I pine for that moderate coastal climate as the oppressively humid summers start to take hold. My “California Dreaming” became a reality this week, when I joined my husband for a quick getaway. Since I can work from […]

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Bermusings 2013

It's 74 degrees at 7:30 am. The sun struggles to part the stubborn storm clouds. Winds amplify to 15 miles per hour, and the 4K Bermuda Round the Sound swim race around Harrington Sound is just hours away from beginning.

Magnus and I enjoy a light continental breakfast on the hilltop
dining room overlooking the mesmerizing Bermudian waters, visit the
resident hotel tabby cat, and I return to the room to make my final swim preparations.

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Water Works: Leadership Lessons from Diana

As you plan your next marketing program rollout, product launch, or team initiative, you have two choices. You can determine whether you’re going to stay on the shore and lament the water conditions, or dive in and see how far you can go. Which will you choose? Some inspiration from Diana Nyad.

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Marketing Musings in Minneapolis

Never assume “value” equates to “high price.”

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Delicious Marketing Lessons From Anthony Bourdain’s Voracious Brand

The foodie superstar and host of TV’s No Reservations and Parts Unknown uses a “Grandma rule” to help his brand flourish. It has nothing to do with nagging, and everything to do with how to win fans for life.

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Aligning Sales and Marketing to Drive Demand

I recently hosted the first annual CMO Wine Reception in Washington, DC.Twenty-one top CMOs from the region participated.

The session was entitled "You've Got a Revenue Quota — NOW What? Demand Creation Secrets from Top Performing CMOs." Here are some highlights you can use.

Jignesh Shah and Lisa Nirell wine reception 2013
Lisa with Jignesh Shah of Metalogix

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Reflections on 2012

Time to reflect on 2012, and gracefully chart our course for 2013.

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