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Our CMO “Bowl & Brew” Annual Social – Ninepins and Nonsense

CMO Group Event Awards Rob Caskey and Lisa Nirell

We brought together our CMO group “outlaws” on February 17 to show their ninepin chops at our annual “Bowl & Brew” in DC. These are the members of our private CMO peer groups and online community. Who knew that Miss Acubed (aka Alicia A.) carried her own bowling shoes? Or that Sonny G. moonlights as a […]

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Marketing Musings in Minneapolis

Never assume “value” equates to “high price.”

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Delicious Marketing Lessons From Anthony Bourdain’s Voracious Brand

The foodie superstar and host of TV’s No Reservations and Parts Unknown uses a “Grandma rule” to help his brand flourish. It has nothing to do with nagging, and everything to do with how to win fans for life.

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Customers, Kawasaki, and Crazy Weather

I am headed home from a dynamic series of Voice of the Customer sessions and book signing at the 2011 Allegiance Engage Summit in Deer Valley, sildenafil Utah. Amidst two days of dashing through snow flurries) and dodging slush puddles,  I enjoyed learning about the rapid adoption of this new profit-producing technology space. In my upcoming posts, you will […]

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Brand Building – When Traction Happens

Last week, best viagra  I was waiting in the Whole Foods checkout line and glanced over at the magazine rack. (Actually, cialis buy I am one of the few people who loves waiting in certain checkout lines. Stores with a healthy variety of reading options earn my patience.) I couldn't help but fall in love with RealSimple's […]

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Ram Charan and Talent Mastery: Buyers Beware

Would you hire an obese personal trainer? Would you consult with a relationship expert who has been married four times? I didn't think so.

Yet thousands of executives are hiring consultants who do not take their own medicine. Ram Charan is one celebrity author who needs to adjust his dosage.


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Marketing Planning 101: Three Tips to Stay Open for Business

Yesterday, best cialis I was intrigued by the business headline story in my local Bend Bulletin. It said "Bend is Open for Business: City hopes to lure businesses with new campaign focusing on outdoor lifestyle." As a conscious capitalist with a passion for work/life balance, I was inspired to read further. Visit Bend, our well-intended […]

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How to Leave Your Customers Alone – The Steve Jobs Way

From our "You Cannot Make this Stuff Up" department, cialis buy Apple's Steve Jobs leads the i-pack. You see, Steve likes to respond to random customer email inquiries. When college senior Chelsea Isaacs tried reaching his media relations department five times, they never responded. Isaacs proceeded to contact Jobs directly for help. His method for handling the email […]

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