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Guest Post: Why CMOs Need to Shift from “Project” to “Portfolio” Management

As a marketing leader, do you have the necessary know-how to strategically manage a technology portfolio? As businesses continue the rapid move towards digital, more technology purchases will find a home in the marketing organization.  In fact, The Gartner Group estimates that 40% of technology investments are already happening outside of the IT organization. You likely […]

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December Guest Post: 9 Emerging Trends for Marketers in 2016

Socrates Change and Innovation Quote

By Guest Blogger Billee Howard, Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Brandthropologie Here are the top 9 emerging trends CMOs must watch for in the year ahead that will impact innovation and the customer landscape. As we know, the CMO function is currently among the most vital, while also the most volatile. These 9 emerging trends are […]

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5 Tips to Revamp Your Holiday Social Media Campaign

Halloween Shopping Card

By Guest Blogger Deanna Zaucha, Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo Independence Day will come and go, but it never fails to set the momentum for the holiday season to come. For marketers, holidays are a great time of the year to drive traffic and encourage engagement with customers. However, we’re often faced with […]

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Real Beauty? Measuring the Dove Marketing Campaign’s Success

Juliana Smith Holterhaus Headshot

By Guest Blogger Juliana Smith Holterhaus, Head of Strategic Alliances for Your Eye More than 10 years after the debut of Dove’s “Real Beauty” program, it remains an advertising icon and source of controversy. It’s impossible to deny the program’s success in terms of brand exposure: The viral popularity of specific program elements significantly outperformed […]

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Static: The Hidden Trap for Today’s Marketers

Marketing Above the Noise by Linda Popky

By Guest Blogger Linda Popky, Founder and President of Leverage2Market Associates So much has changed in marketing over the last few years. We have many new technologies and new ways to reach our audiences. Big Data gives us the ability to tailor marketing efforts to meet the needs of individual customers and prospects. We can […]

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Why It’s Time to Launch a Customer Community

By March Guest Blogger, viagra sales Luc Vezina, sildenafil CEO of Vanilla Forums When you think about a customer community you might think that it’s just a way for your company to try to cut customer support costs. You might also be worried about how an open forum can expose too much. When done right, […]

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November Guest Post: “Changing the Marketing ROI Conversation: from Lip Service to Value Driver”

It’s no coincidence that the term ‘ROI’ has grown in use and importance over the last few years.

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How a Growth Roadmap Drives Financial and Personal Growth in Turbulent Times

Too many of these same companies are saving their way to profitability rather than driving top-line revenue growth as employee engagement continues to fall.

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Mind the marketing talent gap: Don’t derail your digital transformation

As digital marketing moves to the strategic heart of business, too many organizations remain unprepared to meet the demands of digital transformation.

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Traditional Business vs. Disruptive Technologies: Is Your Business Model Lost In The Mail?

Traditional Business vs. Disruptive Technologies

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