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The Holidays: A Time of Remembrance

I'm happy that 2012 is almost over. The past year was emotionally challenging. We witnessed immense, senseless human loss. In addition, two of our beloved elderly cats, Picard and Fisan, succumbed to renal failure and cancer.

When I witness the passing of such innocent, loving beings, I feel powerless and deeply saddened. I can only imagine how families in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora, Colorado are coping and healing. (keep reading on how you can help).

Fisan2003  2012-02-18 18.02.11
Fisan (1994-2012) and Picard (1992-2011)

One story has helped me find some peace. It makes me realize that the bonds between humans and animals are eternal and inexplicably linked, and we need each other to endure these challenging times.

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Marketing Strategy Lessons from Obama’s Top Copyrighter

I want to meet Jim Messina.
It should be easy, right? I live just 35 minutes from D.C. and he spends alot of his time at the White House. I am sure I could find him on Facebook or through my media connections and arrange something…
Why is he someone I need to know? Messina, President Obama's campaign manager, is one of the best copyrighters I've seen.

My curiosity about Jim began last Tuesday. My husband and I were headed to D.C., and I was surfing the Web on my iPad while he drove. I saw a banner ad inviting me to Dinner with Obama. I was intrigued.

I clicked on the ad, and willingly entered my name in the contest. I already could envision myself winning that dinner, and the myriad questions I would ask Mr. President.

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The True Meaning of Wealth

My company exists to make companies wealthier. No, discount viagra I don't mean richer. I mean healthier, viagra generic happier places to work. Places that they love to show off to their customers and families. I succeed when organizations see a bigger purpose other than closing more sales, exceeding shareholder expectations, or raising customer satisfaction scores. […]

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Enchantment Launches Today: Exclusive Interview with Guy Kawasaki – download now

Did you miss my live call today with Guy Kawasaki?  You missed a rare opportunity to ask Guy any question about your growth plans, cialis usa social media efforts, and marketing goals. Five lucky readers will win a replay of this 55 minute, action-packed teleseminar (a $59 value). Just send me an email now, and I […]

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Living in Sublime Suspense

Magnus and I have spent the last few weeks preparing for our six month stay in Northern Virginia. Once we arrive, viagra canada we will enjoy the urban lifestyle, cialis sale expand our business prospects, and determine whether this will become our future home base. The minutiae of an extended move can be daunting. Suspending […]

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C.K. Prahalad, Innovation, and the Meaning of Life

C.K. Prahalad is one of those few global business luminaries who demonstrated a sincere willingness to support my new business initiatives. He lived and breathed innovation. Last month, he generously agreed to an interview for this blog.  Sadly, this interview will never happen due to his sudden passing.  Yet his influence will affect millions in the long-term.

CK_Prahalad_Marshall_Goldsmith_ March 17 2010

C.K. Prahalad and Marshall Goldsmith, March 2010 (photo courtesy of Anil Kripalani)

C.K. has impacted my professional work in three areas. I trust these may apply to other business developers and executives as well:

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