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Webinar: Investing in Customer Experience in 2017?

How much are you investing in customer experience initiatives next year? Where does your current CxP program fall short? I recently teamed up with Infor’s CMO, Chip Coyle to further explore this topic. We led a webinar called “5 Tips for A Tailored Customer Journey.” The session was hosted by the American Marketing Association. You may […]

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7 Marketing Innovation and Planning Resources

Are you overwhelmed by the number of marketing innovations and software products available today? You are not alone. When I last counted, I discovered over 1,400 marketing and analytics tools. How can any marketing leaders stay abreast of the latest trends that will propel their businesses forward when the rate of change is this fast? […]

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How Marketers Can Turbo-Charge Key Account Programs

Fifteen years ago, I was the first Global Account Team leader in Siebel’s history to develop a written plan to expand the Microsoft account.    Our customer data for this key account resided partially in Lotus Notes (remember that product?) and spreadsheets. The planning process lasted 8 weeks, culminating in two intensive team planning days at a […]

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Building a Membership Model? Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

Last fall, at the conclusion of my “Leading the Mindful Marketing Revolution” keynote, my husband and I escaped to a private resort near El Yunque National Forest. Our intentions to disconnect and relax were quickly thwarted. Within a few hours of arriving at the spacious, secluded condo, the air conditioning failed. Our golf cart—our only means of […]

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Mindful Marketing Revolutionaries Spotted at AdWeek

I just returned from ADWKDC, a conference collective of top marketers, agencies, and CMOs from the DC metropolitan region. With help from my good friend and client, Jamie Gorski, I outlined strategies for “Leading the Mindful Marketing Revolution.”  She is the Chief Marketing Officer for The Bozzuto Group, a diversified real estate company headquartered in DC. […]

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Danger or Opportunity? Marketing Lessons from the Sharing Economy

Marketing Lessons from the Sharing Economy: Danger, or Opportunity? I recently enjoyed a lively conversation with my long time friend and colleague, Philip Lay of The Chasm Group. He has invested significant time studying the disruptive marketing lessons from the sharing economy leaders such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb. In my newest FastCompany post, you will […]

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6 Qualities of Agile Marketers

Do you consider yourself an agile marketer? I am not referring to the study of agile marketing processes and techniques (although these are compelling, contemporary methods worth studying, as mentioned in a previous post and in my newest book). I mean a marketing leader who applies rapid learning and critical thinking approaches to make informed choices, deepen […]

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Is Marketing ROI a Flight Risk?

I recently published a 2 part series on “Cash, tadalafil order Lies and ROI: 3 Signs Your Marketing Budget is A Flight Risk” in FastCompany. In case you missed that post, here is the link. As we approach the midpoint for 2014 budget planning, this is a great time to review your progress against goal, […]

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5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust and Create Demand

This has been a difficult quarter for public relations firms, viagra sale cialis crisis communications professionals, cialis buy and government officials. The mystery of the Malaysian Airlines tragedy, mind the ongoing outages, and GM recalls are just a few examples. It’s no wonder that we show such loathing and distrust for many institutions. When […]

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Five Troubling Demand Creation Trends (and a Bonus MP3)

I recently hosted a conversation with Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, viagra sales sales the CMO of MindJet in San Francisco, CA. My private CMO community participated in this call. We discussed The Future of Demand Creation. In this session, Jascha and I shared our insights on: 5 Major Shifts affecting your demand creation strategy Advice for CMOs […]

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