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Webinar 9/15: Tips to Optimize the Customer Journey

Please join me on Thursday,  September 15 for a webinar entitled “You Talking to Me? 5 Tips to Optimize the Customer Journey.” As the rapid shift to customer-centricity continues, aligning with the customer journey trumps business as usual. What can you do to make every stage of the customer journey meaningful and memorable? How will you balance […]

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5 Tips to Revamp Your Holiday Social Media Campaign

Halloween Shopping Card

By Guest Blogger Deanna Zaucha, Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo Independence Day will come and go, but it never fails to set the momentum for the holiday season to come. For marketers, holidays are a great time of the year to drive traffic and encourage engagement with customers. However, we’re often faced with […]

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How Marketers Can Turbo-Charge Key Account Programs

Fifteen years ago, I was the first Global Account Team leader in Siebel’s history to develop a written plan to expand the Microsoft account.    Our customer data for this key account resided partially in Lotus Notes (remember that product?) and spreadsheets. The planning process lasted 8 weeks, culminating in two intensive team planning days at a […]

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New HuffPost Article: Customer Community Is the New Marketing

Lisa Nirell Huffington Post Article Screenshot

How would your company benefit if you added 150 passionate advocates to your informal sales team? This is the question I explore in my latest HuffingtonPost article. I discuss the benefits of branded customer communities, and the role of Marketing in designing, building and nurturing them. Some key takeaways from the article: How the benefits of branded […]

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HubSpot INBOUND14 Conference Highlights and Insights with Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder

I just returned from HubSpot’s gigantic annual marketing conference in Boston, where 10, 500 fans and customers gathered to learn the latest trends in inbound and digital marketing. One of my longtime friends, MarketingZen CEO Shama Hyder, also attended. Sadly, neither of us were able to get together and compare notes. We did the next […]

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Mindful Marketing Revolutionaries Spotted at AdWeek

I just returned from ADWKDC, a conference collective of top marketers, agencies, and CMOs from the DC metropolitan region. With help from my good friend and client, Jamie Gorski, I outlined strategies for “Leading the Mindful Marketing Revolution.”  She is the Chief Marketing Officer for The Bozzuto Group, a diversified real estate company headquartered in DC. […]

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Sneak Peek from “The Mindful Marketer”

With one week remaining until The Mindful Marketer launch, we are getting some excellent questions about the book premise. This article gives you a sneak peek. This Author Corner piece from Palgrave Macmillan, my publisher, contains some practical advice and book excerpts. If you are a marketer looking for ways to evolve from order taker (tactical, often […]

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Why Self-Reliance Must Guide Marketing Strategy

Magnus and I lived in Southern California for 10 years. Now a D.C. area resident, cialis sales I pine for that moderate coastal climate as the oppressively humid summers start to take hold. My “California Dreaming” became a reality this week, when I joined my husband for a quick getaway. Since I can work from […]

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Big Data Success, or Big Disappointments?

I was featured in The CMO Council‘s May 2014 publication, cialis Marketing Magnified. In this post, discount cialis “Big Data, or Big Disappointment?,” you can learn: The simple definition of big data Common applications for big data in marketing organizations The latest studies on big data hype Why so much social media traffic is ignored […]

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5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust and Create Demand

This has been a difficult quarter for public relations firms, viagra sale cialis crisis communications professionals, cialis buy and government officials. The mystery of the Malaysian Airlines tragedy, mind the ongoing outages, and GM recalls are just a few examples. It’s no wonder that we show such loathing and distrust for many institutions. When […]

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