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3 Low-Tech Presentation Tips That Still Work

Welcome to 2017 budget planning and conference season. Many members of our CMO community are racking up the frequent flier miles, polishing their PowerPoints, and feverishly fussing over their upcoming Board meeting. Some are forgetting several low-tech presentation tips that could make or break their pet programs. I know this first hand. It happened to me, […]

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Is Marketing ROI Driving You Crazy?

Last month, the Fornaise Marketing Group surveyed 1,200 CEOs from small and large businesses.The results were sobering for CMOs.

Their interviews revealed that 74 per cent of the executives surveyed believe that marketers misuse the real definition of "performance," "return on investment," and "results."

In spite of the reported success of Revenue Performance Management solutions and longer CMO tenures (at least according to Spencer Stuart's recent study, which says that CMO tenure now averages 42 months), C-suite satisfaction with the marketing organization is not growing at the same rate.

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Don’t Occupy Seattle! Harvest More Value from Your Customer Base

Nancy Porte Nancyporteof Vovici (now a Verint company) recently read my book, and asked me to spend time discussing some highlights. In this Listening Post interview, you will learn:

  • Why it's important to balance online and offline customer feedback approaches
  • The one factor most companies ignore when profiling their ideal customer
  • How to gather valuable, live customer feedback

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New Report on 2011 B2B Growth – Available until Sept. 29

Welcome to Fall in D.C…

I have lots of news to report. We just officially relocated to this area. We sold our Sunriver dream home, and said goodbye to our dear friends. Opportunity — as well as shorter winters — called us to the East Coast.

Tan_Oak_small_frontDuring the transition from Oregon to Virginia, we had to consolidate, pack, ship, and purge. It felt cumbersome at times–but in the end, we streamlined our home base and gave away the detritus that had lost their meaning and value.

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You’re Invited August 31: B2B Expert Panel with EMC, DemandBase

There comes a time when you have to stop blaming business slowdown on a tough economy and break free from feeling marginalized and commoditized. I have found B2B companies who are thriving and innovating at a record pace. This session will bring their fresh ideas to you. Join me on August 31 for this complimentary […]

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Business After bin Laden

Hoar Ask any decorated leader — military or business — what keeps them focused and energized. They will echo what retired U.S. General Joseph Hoar shared with me a decade ago: a daily commitment to quietly reflect and re-evaluate our course. As world citizens discuss and debate the proper way to respond to the successful capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, we face the same opportunity.

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Free strategic marketing e-courses – Offer expires May 10

Book cover image_energizegrowth Many B2B small business owners read my book and wonder “how will I ever implement these marketing strategies in my own business? This seems like a lot of work.”

And without a roadmap and a guide, they are right.

That is why I put together a complimentary set of e-courses to help you simplify the process.

We break down the marketing and business planning process into weekly lessons that anyone can complete. Sometimes they will take as little as 20 minutes.

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How to Turbo-Charge Your Growth Plan in One Hour or Less

In my previous post, generic cialis I shared the most common obstacles to implementing your business development and growth plans.  Now that you have identified these saboteurs, viagra generic and you have chosen to rally your most trusted advisors to keep you on track, how will you use their time wisely? The EnergizeGrowth® Plan Review […]

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Nine Common Obstacles that Derail Growth

As you approach the end of the first quarter of 2011, cialis buy your growth plan and marketing activities are well underway.  How will you keep them fresh and relevant? Launching and implementing your growth plan entails risks.  Plans often expose underlying conflicts within the organization. It may disrupt the status quo, the ways decisions […]

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The Secret Life of Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) – Part 3

Solution-dart Our last two posts, The Secret Life of Customer Advisory Boards, Part 1 and The Secret Life of Customer Advisory Boards, Part 2, showcased the definition and design of customer advisory boards. Let’s say you succeeded in these first two steps in your CAB strategy: Design and Recruitment. How can you keep the CAB vibrant for years to come?

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