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Tydak Consulting Services, <a href=The Client: Founded in 2000, Tydak Consulting Services, LLC helps small and mid-sized companies bridge the communication gap between technology and business, reduce costs, and improve their return on their IT investments. Company Founder Pat Bramhall says her team is most often hired by the CEO, and that most of their work is performed directly with members of the IT team – the CIO, VP of IT, and managers. Bramhall met Lisa Nirell through Renaissance Executive Forums, a Southern California business networking organization. “Lisa was a speaker at a big event I attended,” says Bramhall. “I purchased her book, Five Strategies to Energize Growth, and later worked with her directly.”

Pat BramhallThe Situation: Bramhall launched her consulting business during a volatile time for high tech. Like many technology consulting professionals, Bramhall wasn’t “sales savvy.” She could easily see what potential client’s problems were, but had difficulty conveying the benefits of her services and closing sales. “I needed to go out and sell my services and talk about my business,” says Bramhall. But, she says, “I’d rearrange my desk and avoid it.”

Pat needed advice on how to improve her planning and sales skills. Bramhall had realized she was prospecting for – and ultimately ending up with – the wrong clients. “They weren’t looking for the kind of services I offer.”

“If you really want to take it to the next level and are willing to look into yourself and analyze your business, Lisa is the right person. She is very good at getting you to be more truthful with yourself.”
Pat Bramhall

The Process: Bramhall worked with Lisa on two separate occasions. During the first engagement, Lisa walked Bramhall through a process to help her more clearly identify her ideal clients – those clients who needed Tydak’s services and were willing to pay for them. When Lisa asked her to write down characteristics of her ideal clients the list initially had twelve items. Working together, they narrowed it down to five. This gave Bramhall and her team a way to quickly identify which clients to pursue.

She also showed Pat how to turn down business that wasn’t a good fit. “I knocked on too many doors that went nowhere. I’d trip over my words. From Lisa I became brave enough to say ‘no’ to business, and more succinct about what we had to offer,” recalls Bramhall.

As is so often the case, gaining clarity was the first step toward better business outcomes. “Business plans that I’ve done in the past were huge, and no one ever read it. The plan I built with Lisa was five pages. My staff has a copy. So does my staff recruiter,” says Bramhall.

Lisa also helped Bramhall stay committed to her goals and most important priorities. Bramhall explains, “There is accountability with Lisa every week. You have to do the homework!” Lisa also helped Bramhall identify which administrative tasks she should delegate so that she could create more time to focus on growing the business.

While working a second time with Lisa, she was introduced to the game of “Marketing Ball” by joining one of Lisa’s EnergizeMarketing Action Groups. “The first engagement was about a business plan; this one is about marketing,” says Bramhall. “I used to think that if someone asked for a proposal, then I was ready to book the engagement. But if you give them the proposal too soon, they don’t know what to do with it,” says Bramhall. Learning Marketing Ball gave her a system to know exactly where she was in the client prospecting process, and helped her waste less time on the wrong marketing activities.

“Since launching the new marketing strategy I’ve probably closed at least $500K in new business.”
Pat Bramhall

Pat’s participation in this 5-month virtual program included weekly assignments, private online forums, individual feedback, and accountability groups. She enjoys the interaction with other group participants, as well as the advice and ideas Lisa offers. “We give each other ideas. It’s been very helpful to have their input. They can relate to what I do,” says Bramhall of her group. As a result of being in the EnergizeMarketing Action Group, Bramhall has decided to book more speaking engagements. She was able to float topic ideas by both Lisa and the group to jump-start the process.

The Results: Bramhall says the number one benefit of working with Lisa is the increase she’s seen in her self-confidence. “I used to change what I said depending on how the day was going, or if I was nervous,” says Bramhall. She’s also gained a level of maturity in her approach to sales, and appreciates that she’s more discriminating about the business she pursues. “I don’t have to drag off a pant leg trying to get business,” jokes Bramhall.

In terms of additional revenue, Bramhall could not be more pleased. “Since launching the new marketing strategy I’ve probably closed at least $500K in new business,” she says.

“You only have so much bandwidth. You can only do so much. What are you willing to give up? Lisa promotes balance. She aligns well with my beliefs on staying mentally and physically healthy.”
Pat Bramhall

Pat Bramhall on what it’s like to work with Lisa: “Lisa is a high energy, upbeat, happy person. I find working with her pleasurable. When I end a conversation I always get something new and feel rejuvenated. She remains objective and is able to listen to each of us in the group. She comes up with ideas and suggestions. The smartest thing Lisa does it get you to say it for yourself.”

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