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Re-Energizing the “Big Audacious Goal” At Jeld-Wen Development

The Client: Jeld-Wen Development Inc. (JWD), a member of the JELD-WEN family of businesses, is an award-winning real estate development and resort company. With over 450 employees, they oversee the development and management of eight resort communities, including Eagle Crest Resort, Suncadia, Chileno Bay, Brasada Ranch, and Silver Mountain Resort.

The Situation: In light of the changing dynamics within the residential and resort industry sector, JWD faced new pressures to sustain growth. Within just two years, they launched three new communities in the Western United States and Mexico and announced a new brand and reorganization.

Jerry Andres, CEODuring this time, CEO Jerry Andres and his Executive Council began experiencing unsteady progress towards their five-year, multi-million dollar “Big Audacious Goal” (BAG) profit targets. They realized they needed to take proactive measures that would help them consistently meet their BAG.

The first step was to ensure their current leaders were prepared to face these exciting challenges. According to Andres, “As we grow, we need a team that understands and exemplifies our core values. Clearly defined values allow us to be an employer of choice in communities where we live, work, and play.”

The Process: By conducting interviews and surveys with Executive Council members, Lisa Nirell quickly identified the Council’s leadership strengths and blind spots. The Council was then able to re-evaluate what talent and leadership styles they were lacking to fulfill their profit targets.

In addition, Lisa facilitated planning sessions with the Executive Council. She and the Council rapidly discovered a lack of clear understanding of the company’s core values. This was causing some costly project communications breakdowns for new employees and managers.

The Results: Lisa demonstrated with each Executive Council member how their leadership styles and strengths linked directly to JWD’s “BAG.” She also helped the Council refine their core values to help the entire organization adopt them.

According to Jerry Andres, “Lisa’s process guided our values discussions and ongoing management meetings. Working with Lisa significantly contributed to strengthening the culture we have created and the ‘Big Audacious Goal’ we have established. This enables us to be the first choice of customers seeking the highest value in real estate and service.”

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