Success Stories

Helping a B2B Services Firm
Re-Position Themselves
for Global Expansion

The Client: We worked with a $30M engineering firm with offices in the U.S., the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Their CEO had recently sold a majority share of his 18 year old company to a group of private investors to accelerate growth. Their customers include Sara Lee, General Mills, and several global manufacturing companies.

The Situation: During their annual strategy session with the EnergizeGrowth® team, the executive team identified a strong need to develop a global marketing plan. The company’s profitable future was in jeopardy. At the time, they were lacking a clear, simple description of their brand and messaging to frame their marketing plan, and to align the newly-formed global sales teams around the most ideal opportunities and markets.

As a result, sales teams spent a significant amount of time developing their own messaging “on the fly.” Sales cycles lengthened, forecasts were often inaccurate, and cash flow was eroding. Without clear, consistent messaging, their growth potential was limited. This situation would only worsen as they assigned new global team members to larger client projects.

The Process: By working with EnergizeGrowth®, the Company was able to:

“The guidance of EnergizeGrowth®
in this process was fantastic. While
we knew our market, Lisa and her
team rapidly helped us define the
value proposition and brand we
wanted to project.”Vice
President, Sales and Marketing

  1. Agree on ideal markets and customers, and eliminate lower priority markets
  2. Develop a set of qualification questions to identify their ideal customer
  3. Identify the unique differentiators in their marketplace
  4. Select the right strategies to consistently communicate their differentiators
  5. Ensure that their marketing plan, lead generation, and selling activities are appreciated and valued by their customers
  6. Document their core marketing message across online and offline channels.

EnergizeGrowth®’s Approach: Lisa and her team approached this engagement in four phases:

  1. Assess current brand and marketing systems – Through an extensive series of client interviews, assessments, and executive discussions, the EnergizeGrowth® team gained critical insights into the current state of the company’s market position and brand strengths. They also helped the client establish an internal communications team to ensure the new brand was well received and tested at each stage of formulation.
  2. Discover Gaps – The team completed an extensive analysis of the client’s market reach and message, sales and marketing culture, brand touch points, and most memorable customer “WOW” experiences. They prioritized the greatest gaps in the brand, and discovered which brand touch points were misaligned (e.g. website, sales proposals, customer presentations, etc.). Since the client was also expanding into three countries, they also interviewed agencies who could help them re-name the company and design a new brand image. EnergizeGrowth®’s pre-screened agency recommendations saved them hours of wasted effort.
  3. Launch new brand – After reviewing several versions of positioning documents with the client, Lisa Nirell and her team developed an action plan to help the client upgrade their brand touch points and announce the new identity to their global community, business partners, and employees.
  4. Measure impact – upon completion of the brand launch, EnergizeGrowth® provided ongoing consulting to help the client:
    • Develop new marketing materials that sales teams could use in the field
    • Stop investment in programs that did not support the new brand identity
    • Design a new, content-rich website and blog
    • Assess financial and brand repute on a quarterly basisShort Term

Results: Customer-facing teams across four countries could consistently articulate who they are and why they are different. For the first time in years, they had a highly professional marketing positioning and branding document. They were proud to share with all employees, investors, key customers, and Board members.

Long Term Results:

  1. Company returned to positive cash flow within 12 months of brand launch.
  2. Revenues grew year over year by 25%.
  3. Company featured in Inc. Magazine.


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