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Re-Energizing the “Big Audacious Goal” At Jeld-Wen Development

Jerry AndresThe Client: Jeld-Wen Development Inc. (JWD), a member of the JELD-WEN family of businesses, is an award-winning real estate development and resort company. With over 450 employees, they oversee the development and management of eight resort communities, including Eagle Crest Resort, Suncadia, Chileno Bay, Brasada Ranch, and Silver Mountain Resort.

The Situation: In light of the changing dynamics within the residential and resort industry sector, JWD faced new pressures to sustain growth. Within just two years, they launched three new communities in the Western United States and Mexico and announced a new brand and reorganization.

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Helping a Leading Automation Firm Meet Global Growth and Team Alignment Challenges

Robert (Bob) ZeigenfuseThe Client: Robert (Bob) Zeigenfuse is the Founder and President of Avanceon, an international firm that provides manufacturing automation technology for energy, food, and pharmaceutical companies. They operate in the USA, South Asia, and the Middle East and employ approximately 200 employees in five offices worldwide. The company has been in business since 1984.

The Situation: Avanceon was growing rapidly and expanding internationally. Bob recognized that the marketing, management, and systems that brought his company its current level of success would not be adequate to support their expansion efforts. In short, the company was experiencing growing pains, and profits were not keeping pace with gross revenue. “We were having problems with assimilating our strategic goals, values, and mission across the organization,” says Bob. Executives were spending nearly half of their time sorting out customer misunderstandings and internal communications problems, and very little time on planning. As a result, they were missing out on six and seven figure business opportunities.

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Boosting Confidence and Generating “High Value” Engagements

Pat BramhallThe Client: Founded in 2000, Tydak Consulting Services, LLC helps small and mid-sized companies bridge the communication gap between technology and business, reduce costs, and improve their return on their IT investments. Company Founder Pat Bramhall says her team is most often hired by the CEO, and that most of their work is performed directly with members of the IT team – the CIO, VP of IT, and managers.

The Situation: Bramhall launched her consulting business during a volatile time for high tech. Like many technology consulting professionals, Bramhall wasn’t “sales savvy.” She could easily see what potential client’s problems were, but had difficulty conveying the benefits of her services and closing sales. “I needed to go out and sell my services and talk about my business,” says Bramhall. But, she says, “I’d rearrange my desk and avoid it.”

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Helping a B2B Services Firm Achieve Global Expansion and 25% Annual Revenue Growth

The Client: We worked with a $30M engineering firm with offices in the U.S., the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Their CEO had recently sold a majority share of his 18 year old company to a group of private investors to accelerate growth. Their customers include Sara Lee, General Mills, and several global manufacturing companies.

The Situation: During their annual strategy session with the EnergizeGrowth® team, the executive team identified a strong need to develop a global marketing plan. The company’s profitable future was in jeopardy. At the time, they were lacking a clear, simple description of their brand and messaging to frame their marketing plan, and to align the newly-formed global sales teams around the most ideal opportunities and markets. As a result, sales teams spent a significant amount of time developing their own messaging “on the fly.” Sales cycles lengthened, forecasts were often inaccurate, and cash flow was eroding. Without clear, consistent messaging, their growth potential was limited. This situation would only worsen as they assigned new global team members to larger client projects.

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Developing an Effective, Repeatable Sales System in Two Software Companies

Ed WinderThe Client: Ed Winder has enjoyed a long and successful career in high tech sales, marketing, and executive roles. He has worked with technology companies large and small, public and private. Currently he consults with select companies where he has equity interests. Winder first met Lisa Nirell while he was with Active Software and later engaged her when he was CEO at Tradec.

The Situation: Working in sales at Active Software, Winder recognized he had a problem. The company sold integration software which was in high demand and they were growing rapidly. They needed a systematic way to approach sales that would help the company generate more predictable revenue. “Our product was being marketed and sold in a very technical way. We needed to transition from a technical to a business sales culture and create repeatable processes so that we could grow,” says Winder.

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Seasoned Non-Profit Executive Increases Her Confidence and Doubles Her Business

Jean Craig LongThe Client: Jean Craig Long is a non-profit development consultant who has spent more than two decades helping non-profit organizations that struggle to raise money consistently. Jean first heard Lisa Nirell speak during an Action Plan Marketing-sponsored event, and was impressed with Lisa’s business background and her confidence. Within two weeks, Lisa and Jean scheduled an exploratory conversation.

The Situation: This was Jean’s first experience as an entrepreneur and she was quickly realizing that focused marketing and planning were taking a back seat. “It was hard to talk about myself. I left marketing until the end of the day and by then, my creativity was zapped.” Jean had clients, but wanted “ideal clients” – those that stimulated her and rewarded her handsomely for her expertise. “I felt like I had to take everyone, that I might not be good enough, or might not have the answers,” says Jean.

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