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Eliminate Your Growth Roadblocks

In our experience, successful marketing leaders and CEOs can hit brick walls in one of these six areas:


Knowing your personal and professional “true north” or “raison d’etre.” This excludes the industrial age belief that a business exists primarily to make a profit. Nobody—especially your employees or customers—will be inspired by a strong balance sheet.


A realistic view of where you stand in the marketplace and your community, and the confidence to express it clearly.


Your ability to communicate your brand across every channel: offline, online, presentations, and across teams.


Your commitment to delivering regularly scheduled thought leadership pieces and helpful knowledge to your communities, and creating strong visibility among online and offline communities.

Personal Effectiveness

This is the lever that can make or break any marketing or growth plan. It measures how well you manage your commitments, personal health, and business development process.

Dan Wiersma“…The EnergizeGrowth® Profile service helped us identify 2 strategies that would drive sales and marketing initiatives in the broadcast and business market space.”
Read full testimonialDan Wiersma, Executive VP

Today’s fast-paced, global economy demands that your growth planning be a dynamic, iterative process—not a task to complete at the next annual company retreat. Discovering areas where your company excels at marketing, selling, and growth planning should be as much of a discipline as month end financials. Excellence across each of the six categories is essential to understanding how prepared you are to build a sustainable, wealthy company.

Within just 90-120 days, our Business Energy Boost™ will help you:

  • Discover areas where you need to pay the most attention to improve performance.
  • Accelerate your ability to execute against your current go to market strategy.
  • Generate awareness of your growth potential across teams.
  • Gain commitment to the importance of client-centric, holistic growth planning.
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