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Our Values

Make Order out of Chaos — We have an uncanny ability to listen to our client’s dreams and challenges and perform ‘business triage.” Our clients are tired of being consumed by their business and want to make a change. Amidst the cacophony of client demands, site technology distractions, busy schedules, and demanding Board members, we are highly capable of cutting to the core issues.

Dedication to Measurable Results — Unlike many advisory firms, we only work with clients who want to achieve and track measurable results from using our products and services. We do not provide any “off the shelf” training events. We also don’t deliver to you a fancy strategy brief and expect you to implement it on your own. We invest whatever time is required to make the client win and empower them to become well-versed in our methodologies. We ensure success by only hiring team members with P&L and CEO experience.

Healthy Balance — We help you create and model healthy conditions for growth in your company. Wealthy companies no longer imply “growth at any cost.” The sign of a great leader is one who creates time to reflect. Remember—we are human beings, not human doings. We love working with clients who consistently recharge their batteries. Our clients nourish themselves (and hence, their community) with retreats, celebrations, and other restorative practices. In turn, they inspire employees to do the same.

Playful — Scientific studies prove that laughter triggers innovation and creativity. We incorporate fun and play in all of our learning programs. We often incorporate outdoor activities with our live seminars.

Truthful — We tell you what others are afraid to say. We ask lots of questions to find out what’s really true. Your informed choices are more important to us than our winning a popularity contest. Sometimes our blunt approach will make you uncomfortable. By eliminating our need to look good and impress others, we make it safe for CEO’s to be open and truthful.

Lifelong Learning — We live in an incredible era for learning. We surround ourselves with great teachers and mentors, and invest several weeks a year in professional development. We attract clients who are willing to learn from experience and practical application—not strictly from academic pursuits and textbooks.

Clients Who We Help

  • Your company or division generates between $10M-$20B in annual revenues
  • You find yourself spending too much time on tactical details, and little time on strategic thinking
  • You’re a lifelong learner
  • You want to make a difference in the world through your business
  • You are willing to define and measure the outcomes you really want. You are not looking for a quick fix, a training program, or motivational speaker
  • You see a strong correlation between building a strong company culture and customer community
  • Business is going great–and you want to raise the performance bar even higher
  • You have a history of working with advisors to help you move you forward
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Get five bonus gifts when you subscribe to EnergizeNews, our free newsletter that will help you
be a more effective strategic leader and marketer.

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