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Why CMO Communities are Like Dark Matter

I often ponder what impact our CMO community has on our profession. Every week, I make time to reflect on the topic. How can I make our CMO community members more successful? How we can raise our group performance to new heights?

While attending a Smithsonian lecture with my husband, Magnus, professor Priya Natarayan further piqued my curiosity. She’s a leading edge professor of Physics and Astronomy from Yale University. She shared her research and fresh perspectives on the existence of dark matter in our galaxy.

Natarayan believes that dark matter is a very important player in our galaxy, saying “Dark matter is the main scaffolding of the universe.” In her interview with The Fountain, she explains further. “It has mass, it aggregates gravitationally, so they feel gravitational pull towards each other and they cluster. It’s the clustering of the dark matter, the fact that it gets compact, that we detect the effects of dark matter.”

Ask 10 astronomers to define dark matter, and you’ll get 10 different answers. Even Wikipedia cannot describe it. One thing’s for certain: most scientists agree that dark matter exists, and that it’s a mysterious particle that is invisible to the human eye.

That brings me to the parallels between dark matter, and our CMO communities. I believe that our Marketing Leaders CMO communities—now national in scope—are the scaffolding of the marketing profession.

When we gather to innovate, pontificate, or celebrate, an invisible gravitational force pulls us together. We know that our universe of knowledge and self-confidence wouldn’t be as strong without each other. As I look across the hundreds of CMOs whom I’ve met over the past five years, I cannot name one who is thriving as a solo act, or a lone wolf.


CMO Community Social - 2017

Tom and Craig sharing insights on dark matter

These photos capture moments from our annual Marketing Leaders of DC™ social. For 2017, we selected Voltaggio at MGM National Harbor for a private wine and tasting menu. We entered some kind of time warp and overstayed our welcome. The manager eventually interrupted our lively conversations, and reminded us that the party was over.


Peer group gatherings create an invisible shield against entropy. It is difficult to imagine how today’s CMOs could thrive without a group who has their back, in good times and bad.


CMO community social - 2017

To life! To marketing!

Although our CMO peer groups have not yet organized any gatherings in outer space, we are open to that possibility. May we live long and prosper.

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