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New Research: Community Management ROI

leader_networks_badge-1Many community and senior marketing professionals would love to find a better way to measure and demonstrate the competitive advantage their online community delivers. This was very clear when our 4th annual CMO Innovation Trends study revealed the growing divide between CMOs and their C-suite counterparts.(If you have not yet downloaded your free report, visit

Marketing leaders want to move beyond vanity and engagement metrics, showcase the advantages that online communities can provide and to make it easier to get budget approval for new software or more team members. But to do so requires a more nuanced understanding of the business impact and competitive advantage that communities are capable of generating.

Leader Networks, the industry’s go to resource for community research just launched a survey designed to provide insight into the above and to answer increasingly urgent questions about community expenditure, returns, and operations.

You can take the survey here:

In taking the survey you will gain exclusive access to results, including the research report and a webinar to help you personalize the results for your community initiative.

Note: we have been following Leader Networks’ work for the past 2 years, and can vouch for the quality of Vanessa DiMauro and her team’s work in this arena.

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