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3 Low-Tech Presentation Tips That Still Work

Welcome to 2017 budget planning and conference season.

Many members of our CMO community are racking up the frequent flier miles, polishing their PowerPoints, and feverishly fussing over their upcoming Board meeting. Some are forgetting several low-tech presentation tips that could make or break their pet programs.

I know this first hand. It happened to me, and I really messed up in early 2001.

My account team asked me to prepare a presentation to senior executives at Microsoft. Our goal was to determine the root cause of low adoption of our sales education programs, explore options to remedy the situation, and ultimately expand our global relationship. I had barely logged 60 days into my new role.

During my presentation, I announced that they had achieved a low return on their 7 figure programs investment, and that we were willing to help them improve. The leadership team became defensive. I  endured a heated, loud banter among the top leaders, and then quietly returned to my seat.

Within 24 hours of that meeting, Microsoft asked my boss to remove me from the account.

I was disappointed that I was unable to persuade these senior leaders to think differently about their investment. Yet I later realized they didn’t know me, let alone trust me.

Today, as I travel the world and speak to conference audiences, I feel a different type of disappointment. Many speakers are skipping the fundamentals of persuasive message delivery, relying instead on snappy diagrams and loads of data. As a result, they lose audience impact.


Enjoying a persuasive presentation last week at Women@Google.

In my latest FastCompany post, I show you how to overcome these bad habits during your next big presentation. I promise your board meeting, conference, or team retreat will dramatically improve.

These three tips are more powerful than ever in today’s digital diaspora. Just ask my former Microsoft client.

Which of these low-tech presentation tips resonated with you? I’d love to hear.

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