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CMO Breakfast Roundtable: Are CFOs Your New Best Friend?

It’s unanimous: The CFO is one of the most influential allies that a CMO can have, yet they are often the most underutilized. During my CMO Breakfast Roundtable last week, participants learned how to tap into the financial and strategic wisdom of their finance teams and build strong bridges of trust.

Aaron, Lisa & Don--courtesy of Lisa Nirell

photo courtesy of Lisa Nirell

Now in its third year, my CMO Breakfast Roundtables dive deeply into the strategic opportunities today’s marketing leaders face. The sessions are confidential, agency-free, and highly interactive. Unlike networking events or crowded wine soirees, these programs create a safe haven for CMOs to share their toughest issues, and develop action plans to address them.

CFO guest panelists Aaron Benway of HelloWallet and Don Clarke of Plex Systems (formerly with Eloqua) provided the group with practical financial leadership advice and fresh insights.

Our private discussion helped participants: 1) identify the most common roadblocks to building strong bonds with finance; 2) establish marketing budgeting guidelines; and 3) commit to actionable strategies that improve relationships with their CFO. We addressed three areas: CFO Trends, root cause for CMO-CFO dissonance, and recommendations.

The participants represented a variety of industries, including: internet merchants, industrial suppliers, technology services, software, health care, professional services, energy, and IT security. Celerity hosted the event.

You’ll be hearing more about our key findings shortly. In the meantime, if you would like the full MP3 transcript and handout, join our Making Marketing Waves community.

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